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Breathe Yoga


breath yoga


Yoga Breathing

The most fundamental part of most eastern traditions is mediation and yoga. Particularly Pranayama Yoga or Breathe Yoga. Yoga Breathing can benefit you in many ways. Learning how to use yogic breathing patterns, techniques and mantras you can instantly alleviate stress, calm your heart rate and blood pressure, experience peace of mind, heart and spirit.


You can also experience more spiritual type experiences and get divine guidance or inner guidance because you quiet the ego mind (or beta waking conscious thinking part of your brain.) You may need to completely re-learn how you breathe. If you follow a baby’s breathing pattern, you will notice a major difference – they do not breathe with their chest (shallow breathing) but breathe from their diaphragm (belly) as well as from the back and sides.



This is perfect, unlearned natural breathing. Learn to breathe like this and you can master your body, instead of having it master you (disease and illness.)  And you can use it to stop an emotional outburst before it even happens!


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Benefits of Deep Breathing

Mastering how you breathe can be one of the most important practices you learn in your life. What can learning how to breathe purposefully do for me? There are many benefits that people have experienced in their lives when they started doing Breathe Yoga.


Breathe Yoga Benefits:

  • Increase Circulation
  • Oxygenate all Body Tissues, Organs and Brain
  • Influence Hormone Production
  • Provide Clarity and Focus
  • Spiritual Inspiration (Inspire = Spirit Within)
  • Increase Intelligence
  • Promote Growth & Recovery
  • Decrease Stress
  • Prevent Muscle Wasting
  • Enhance Energy Levels
  • Prevent Energy Loss
  • Alleviate Pain
  • Calm Nervous System
  • Massage Heart & Internal Organs
  • Keep Spinal Column Flexible and Pain-Free
  • Improves Vocal Tone, Speaking & Singing Voice
  • Improves Blood Pressure, Reparation & Pulse Rate
  • Control Your Emotions – Stop Outbursts


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Yoga Breathing Exercises

Yoga Breathing Exercises can help you gain better control of your health, your sanity and your life. It can significantly reduce the stress response you feel and allow you to make calmer and better choices when you would normally be stressed out of your mind. Stress is the predominant cause in most illness and dis-ease and can be successfully controlled by purposeful breathing.


Start by either standing up, sitting up in a chair or lying down on your back with legs straight or bent at the knees. Put on hand on your sternum (breastbone) and the other on your abdomen, right over your belly button. Now relax for a minute, then start becoming aware of the air coming into your nose, and follow its path down into your abdomen. You want to feel your abdomen extend and your chest to remain still. Practice this using an even inhalation and exhalation (5-15 seconds inhale, and 5-15 seconds exhale).



Do not overextend your abdomen to start, this should not be painful, and you can work up to the optimum level a day at a time. Practice this for about 5-10 minutes daily, and eventually you develop it into your new life and energy enhancing method of breathing. Next, Put your hands on your side, and practice having your sides (right above your hips) expand slightly when you breathe. Practice this for a few minutes.


Then put your hands on your lower back. You will want to feel the area over your kidneys expand slightly as well. Now move up to your upper back and feel it expanding. Now move up to just under the collar bone and feel it slightly expanding. After you have mastered them individually, try to include them at the same time. When you have mastered full-lung breathing, you have just increased your life span as well as developed a significant advantage in life over shallow breathers. If you want to be comfortable when doing this they try some basic Yoga Equipment.


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Tai Chi Breathing

Tai-Chi or Qigong is another breathing technique that can strengthen your flexibility and relieve stress. It originates from China and is used to keep people healthy and active even into your later years. There are books and DVD's that show you how to do Tai Chi Breathing properly full a range of stretching exercises that will relieve stress and have you feeling much better afterward.They demonstrate the movements, as well as explain the science behind purposeful breathing.  


It clearly demonstrates on an anatomical mannequin which shows the actual effect of the longevity breathing method. I personally found this extremely useful, as I didn't have to guess exactly how to perform it correctly. To see this method or get a DVD showing you the exact steps see:  Tai Chi Breathing.

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