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Spirituality Definition

What is spirit and spirituality? The most current definition for spirit (www.dictionary.com) is: “The principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.” I think the definition actually describes not only what spirit is, but more importantly, its significance to our whole life experience. It is the consciousness, or conscious awareness, behind our life’s purpose, deepest desires, and our personal experience of reality. It is the ultimate control unit of our physical body and the lens through which we discover and experience life. Without spirit – there is no life, period.


Science and Spirituality

German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp recently discovered that all living things emit a current of photons (light waves or particles) that he calls “bio-photon emission.” It is in constant communication internally (the body’s cellular community) and externally (the environment, universe, Zero-Point Field, God). He found that the frequencies (vibrational rate) of the photons were emitted by and stored in the DNA of all of our cells, and that their intensity was stable, ranging from a few to several hundred photons per second, per square centimeter. The emission level is directly affected by the health of the living entity. For instance, a cancer patient has fewer photons being emitted than a healthy individual. It’s as if their Light is going out!

Spiritual Meaning

Theoretical physicists demonstrate that this Light is actually the animating (life giving) factor to the community of cells in our body that make up a human being, and provide the information on whether our DNA should replicate, change genetic expression (how it behaves) or even turn itself off. We can influence the quality of this communication between spirit (Light) and body by speaking its language and matching its vibratory rate. We can create the life experience or reality that we would really like to by creating a powerful and harmonious connection between spirit and body. All it takes is an open mind and effectively applying the principles you’re about to learn on this website!


Quantum physics can demonstrate that at the most elemental level – everything is energy or vibration and that there is actually a source of energy that pervades all things and is in all things. What was once thought of as “empty space” or a vacuum has now been discovered to be very much alive, and functions as an all encompassing Quantum Computer. This Quantum Computer has the capabilities to store energetic patterns (memory) independent of space and time (the past, present, and future can be accessed.)

Spiritual Awakening

This field (called “Zero-Point Energy Field” or “Akasha”) is also the basic makeup of our entire universe including our physical bodies and its animating consciousness or spirit. It is also a vast source of intelligence – its capabilities we are only now beginning to discover. We now know that energy can travel through it and transmit or receive information at speeds faster than light, even at temperatures of absolute zero, hence the Zero-Point reference to the field.

Spiritual adepts and other enlightened seekers have frequently stated that they can tap into this energy field and receive intelligent information regarding life situations, purpose and health issues. “Rainbow,” “Crystal,” and “Indigo” children are a prime example of this. They state that they can access “the net,” “the web,” or “the field” when they desire important information and have benefited many people with that knowledge, whether health or other important life issue.


There are plenty of examples of people throughout history who can perform so called “miracles” because they have discovered “The Secret” of how to access the spiritual level. By practicing the art and science of spiritual living you can achieve a personal spiritual awakening!

Spiritual Living

Edgar Cayce, often called the “father of holistic medicine” and “the 20th century’s greatest prophet and healer,” cites his advanced knowledge came from this very source. He has always stated that we can do what he has done if we “open our minds and hearts” and learn to connect to the source of all life. Jesus also said this in the bible texts in the book of John 14:12 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”


Spiritual living is living that takes as it's premise that “we are all spirits having human experiences.” When we recognize that we are spiritual being first, then we can live a life that asks the question “is what I'm currently doing helping my spiritual evolution?” When you can answer “yes” to that question, the you are right on track. You'll have an inner feeling of contentment and peace when you've made a decision that is empowering of your spiritual self. Discover how you can achieve a life of health and abundance by visiting: Spiritual Living

Spirituality and Health

Most ancient civilizations have spirituality as the cornerstone of their overall health program. Science shows that being in touch with your spiritual self (higher self) leads to having a sense of purpose and direction in life. It also leads to practices and spiritual exercises such as visualization and meditation, which have tremendous physical health benefits. When you nourish your spirit, you nourish your body. Sunlight therapy is one of these methods. Sunlight nourishes your spirit (spirit = fire) and helps keep that inner light (bio-photon's) in all your cells operating at their highest frequency. Also, it gives your body Vitamin D-3, one of the best natural health supplements, that can keep your bones strong, your eyesight clear, and your disposition (outlook on life) bright and sunny!


Spiritual Exercises

We are going to show you how you can reach “the Father” or “the Source” by combining specific metaphysical principles with cutting-edge modern technology and frontier science. Would you like to create and draw your greatest desires into your present experience? To access the spiritual you must use the language and vibration of the spiritual. They are the language and vibration of: Belief, Prayer, Meditation and practicing Zero Limits.


Learn to practice those exercises regularly and you will be on the path to enlightenment!

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