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How Does Hypnosis Work?


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The word Hypnosis is composed of two root words: “hypno” meaning below or under and “nosis” meaning knowledge. So Hypnosis is literally knowledge below (awareness).   It is what you are thinking when you are really not thinking (as far as your rational (left brain) conscious mind is concerned.   It is your own personal “automatic pilot” that takes over when your head is not in the game.


I'm sure you've driven or ridden as a passenger on a trip somewhere, and didn't remember the last 20-100 miles that you just traveled. You obviously got there, but you don't recall the actual passing of road signs or where the time went. Your rational mind may have been sleeping or distracted, but your auto pilot (subconscious mind) took over as it normally does over 93% of the time. Our conscious mind is only in the game about 7% of the time!

Hypnosis Training

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Hypnosis works on the subconscious mind, which is the program that is really running your own personal body computer and where change or embedding messages or communication really is most successful. That is what Albert Einstein was referring to when he gave the other scientists the his famous quote “you cannot change things on the level they were created on.” We normally attempt to construct communication on a conscious level (also the level where we actively create our problems on) while not being aware that our subconscious is doing most of our communicating through our body language and gestures, and is what everyone else is seeing.


Since our subconscious mind actually controls most of our daily thoughts, behaviors, habits and personality traits, it makes sense that if we would really like to solve a problem that we are experiencing, replace a habit that is no longer serving us, or send a message to another person or group of people – it would be most wise for us to make sure we are sending our message to the subconscious of those we would like to as well as through our “normal” communication and conversation. And, that is where Hypnosis comes in and delivers the message to yourself (self-hypnosis) or others (overt or covert hypnosis).

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Self-Hypnosis is great for reprogramming yourself for a particular goal (hypnosis weight loss, quit smoking hypnosis, sleep hypnosis, removing phobias) and can be really more effective than all the conscious mind level therapy you can have in a lifetime. Hypnosis can be much more effective, but it reprograms your auto pilot which will be playing in the background about 93% of the time you are alive. Overt (open) or Covert (under the radar) hypnosis is used when you would like to help others or communicate a specific message (embed) it directly into their subconscious, so you don't have to keep talking over and over to a person or group of people about what you want to communicate to them.


How To Hypnotize

A good way to begin understanding how to learn hypnosis is by seeing how it actually works. Look at how it relates to our brainwaves and what specific brain wave patterns are conducive to hypnosis.

Brainwave patterns:

We have 5 predominant brain wave patterns that we move through in cycles throughout the day and they are measured in Hertz (hz) or Cycles per second (cps):

  • Delta (0.5 – 3 cps) is used for deep sleep and restoration, non dreaming sleep
  • Theta (4-6 cps) is used for deep healing and even astral projection and travel
  • Alpha (7-11 cps) is used for creativity, relaxation and hypnosis, also REM sleep
  • Beta (12-24 cps) is our normal waking state, good for rational alertness
  • Gamma (25-200 cps) is used when we are in “the zone”  or highly altered states

Hypnosis takes place between alpha and theta brainwave levels.  That is why hypnotists will try and speak in a slow even rhythm with you and may even have “special” background sounds that will entrain your brain to the proper state for them to embed their words (commands) into your subconscious mind. They can also combine their words, when you are in a relaxed alpha or theta state with an anchor, which is a touch or body movement that corresponds with a state that the hypnotist is embedding in a person, to be used when they are back in beta (normal state).


You Can Learn Hypnosis

You can learn hypnosis by practicing the anchor and trigger technique. This is used by talking to a person, and then firing the trigger (anchor point) that you have stored in their body through their subconscious mind and hypnosis.  To do this you simply have the person remember a time when they were in the state (happy, sensual, healthy) and when you see their body respond then touch them in a specific place, for instance put your arm on their elbow or shoulder (Set and Anchor). Then when you want them to be in this state again, simply talk to them like you were doing before, and touch them in exactly the same way (Trigger.)  This is great for erotic hypnosis where you would like to embed a deeply pleasurable state into someone that you are attracted to. One of the easiest ways to get started is by using conversational hypnosis in your daily life.


How to Use Conversational Hypnosis

You can find an online hypnosis downloadable guidebook, audio and visual dvd's to show you step by step how to construct, embed, apply and test the states that you would like to communicate to others.  Igor Ledochowski has developed a great course to get you started, and you can even practice it at home in your mirror at first and then on your friends or those you would like to attract as friends, lovers or business associates. Joe Vitale of the movie and book “The Secret” uses it regularly to bring his desires to him quickly and effectively. 


Click on the hypnosis course material below and start using it to program and attract your desires to you through the power of your words and how you say them. This material alone skyrocketed my own self-confidence, it's almost comical to watch others struggling to make a connection by using massive volumes of words and all I have to do is say a “few powerful words” in a specific way and everyone else's jaw drops. Nothing is more powerful than knowing how to use language in the right way. Learn conversational hypnosis before the next time you step foot outside and you will amaze yourself and others as your whole perspective on life could change. People will notice and remember you!

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