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Brain Fitness


Traditional intelligence measurements look at 3 main areas of focus:verbal fluency, numerical aptitude and spatial reasoning. Combine these three areas and you have your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score. There are many ways on which to not only improve in these areas but also to develop mastery in the areas that you have the most interest in. We call this Brain Fitness.


Understanding Brain Technology

You can actually help improve your personal genius by using modern technology and alternative views of perception. This includes using Binaural Frequency Harmonics or Brainwave Entrainment to enable you to use “whole brain” thinking. You can find an example of this on the Theory of Mind page, which shows the breakdown of brain frequencies and what they represent in our brain.


Left Brain Right Brain Balance

We all know that men typically use the left brain (logic, rational though, spacial measurements) predominantly. Women tend to use the right brain more exclusively (intuition, creativity, and language skills.) That is why men and women have a difficult time understanding each other unless they balance their brains, and move to using that 95% that science says we are not tapped into.


A good place to start is by comparing how people who are considered mentally gifted and have high IQ scores do things differently than the person with average intelligence quotient scores.  Did you know that mentally gifted people are 42% more likely to use active imagination in their daily lives than the average?  They also are 41% more likely to make important decisions based upon values over logic.  Like one of these mental geniuses you may have heard of has said on the subject: “Imagination is more important than knowledge!”Albert Einstein


If you would like to increase your mental aptitude then let's begin with feeding the organ that houses our own personal CPU (Central Processing Unit – The Brain of a Computer) – The Brain.  Computers are actually an external attempt to do that exact thing.  They have a way to input information into it (mouse and keyboard), a way to take information out of it (monitor or printer), a way to process information (the cpu) and a way to bring imagination to life (virtual reality).  Just like we need to upgrade our computer to keep it functioning optimally with all the current software and internet speeds, we need to upgrade our brains to do exactly the same thing.  If we do not feed our brain first, then all the great tools and techniques we have at our disposal will be useless. Consider using Natural Brain Foods to keep your brain sharp and focused on manifesting what you want.

Natural Brain Foods

Use these tips as a workout for your brain:

  • Release Stress Quickly – stress lowers your intelligence by squeezing the blood away from your brain and into your extremities (also known as the fight, fright or flight syndrome.)
  • Practice Meditation – Meditation is clinically proven to reduce stress and increase intelligence and imagination capabilities.  It also has positive and profound benefits on your relationships and health.
  • Move Your Body Regularly – Yes this is Exercise!  A proven positive mood enhancer, circulation enhancer that brings nutrients and oxygen to your brain, heart and body organs and tissues.
  • Brain Food – Eat some foods rich in Omega 3's such as Wild Salmon and Flax Seeds or take a supplement rich in these brain enhancing oils.
  • Balance your Brain Hemispheres – Use meditation or brain enhancement frequency audio programs to increase intelligence on the least dominant side of your brain.  These are referred to as BrainWave Entrainment are very powerful methods to match your brain frequency (as measured on an EEG) to the beneficial states that you desire.
  • Getting Restful Sleep – Recharges your entire body including the brain and endocrine glands that balance hormone production (more growth hormone and less cortisol) and gives your kidneys a break from making adrenaline and effectively putting the squeeze on your brain.
  • Sunlight – Get at least 20 minutes of morning or afternoon sunlight on your skin.  Not only will this energize your brain it will also give your body energy and increase your bone density.  You can even improve your eyesight by practicing sun-gazing a few minutes a day (sunrise or sunset only).
  • Consider adding some Nootropics (brain enhancing nutrients) such as Acetyl L-Carnitine, Hydergine, Nicergoline, Piracetam, Gerovital H3, Desmopressin or Huperzine.
  • Eliminate toxins from your diet now – MSG (food additives), Mercury (Canned foods and fish), Fluoride (Toothpaste and Water), Chloride (Tap Water), Aspartame (NutraSweet)  They can decrease your intelligence faster than a pizza will disappear at a Weight Watchers Meeting!


Improving Brain Function

Developing Mental Genius is a journey and not just a destination.  Dr. Bruce Lipton (Stanford Professor, Author and Part of the Human Genome Project) has discovered that by focusing on the things you love in life rather than the things that make you upset is key at the cellular level.  This is where it all begins.  He advocates using EFT Tapping to rewire your brain for success.  When we are in a state of love, bliss or happiness our body produces growth hormone, enhances our immune system and increases endogenous (internal) brain oxygenation and neural network growth (new brain pathways).  If we are in a state of anger, sadness or stress then our cells go into protection mode and our body secretes cortisol, adrenaline shuts off our immune system and growth hormone production. All body growth stops!  That's a lot of bang for the buck so to speak.  Love, Passion and Desire are the building blocks of intelligence at a very deep cellular level.


Ways to Start Developing Your Personal Genius

Use these tips to program your brain for success:

  • Discover your passion in life – What things do you really love doing?  Find out what they are and start doing some of those things – even writing it down on paper and making one step towards your source of happiness is one of the best thing you can ever do in your life.
  • Practice this passion until you have a thorough understanding of it.  Google others who have obtained this passion and discover what steps they took to achieve it.
  • Visualize you enjoying your passion on a daily basis.  Daydreaming and napping are great times.  Make a virtual reality experiment with your passion.
  • Experiment with your creativity in your imagination sessions.  There are no limits so make it as wild, real and vivid as you possibly can.
  • Embrace any challenges you face as opportunities to become stronger and wiser in life.  There is really no failure in life – only feedback.  That feedback is what will help you become the person of your dreams!

Deep Brain Stimulation

There are a lot more tools in our mental toolbox waiting to be discovered.  You can learn to stimulate and develop your brain power and use more of your whole brain by using brainwave entrainment. This is easy to do and only requires a set of headphones and some binaural beat frequencies or music. They have many programs from brain building to meditation to performance and creativity.  Jump Start your Personal Genius today by downloading a brainwave entrainment mp3!

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