Holistic Diet

Holistic Diet


Chose Nutrient Dense Foods

nutrient dense foods

Many people are seeking quick weight loss but the diet plans are just not healthy. We need to remember that quality ingredients = quality results. Traditional diet plans can help you loose weight quickly, but they usually have you rebounding back to a higher starting weight if not done properly.  Eating Nutrient Dense foods (those that are packed full of nutrition) will help you feel continually satisfied, and will keep the excess weight off if that is what you want.This is critical if you want to Drop That Belly!


Proper Nutrition is the cornerstone to your weight and body shape goals.  More than diet it refers to specific food, liquid and supplement combinations specifically designed to meet a desired goal, like a low-carb diet (combining non-starch forming nutrients) for weight loss. Or even a high protein diet (combining essential amino acids) for muscle strength or building, or perhaps even a high carbohydrate diet (typically low Glycemic Index carbohydrates) for endurance athletes like long distance swimmers or marathoners.


Fat Researcher John Gabriel (of the world famous Gabriel Method) made the link between specific hormones and continual weight gain, irregardless of how much one exercises or how strict their diet was. His story is a remarkable one, as he once weighed over 400 pounds, and after trying everything (He even spent time with Dr. Atkins to no avail.) What he found was that switching off the hormones (like the stress hormone cortisol) that are telling your body to hold on to your body fat for emergencies is the key for long-term healthy and fit body. He changed elevated his natural growth hormone and turned off his excess cortisol and now weighs 180 lbs (for over 8 years now!)  Exipure Weight Loss is a natural hGH releaser that can help when you spray the mist in your mouth right before you eat a meal or snack.


Best Diet Plan For a Healthy Fit Body

Nutritious Meal planning is the cornerstone of any healthy or holistic diet. Whether you chose to go Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexarian or even try the The Paleo Diet, always choose organic, wild crafted (and if you include animal protein – opt for free range and grass fed.) This is the best diet plan because it begins with high energy vibration food (as seen in a Darkfield microscope) and balanced and combined in a way in which they can be easily digested and not overburden your body (which leads to stress and the opposite result.)  Diets can become extremely dangerous, and even fatal, if there are nutritional components completely missing (i.e, not enough carbs, as they are the brain's and nervous systems primary fuel) or insufficient protein for tissue repair and regeneration. If  you've heard about the Sears, Zone and other type diets, you may know that have left their followers in unhealthful and sickly conditions, and some even died. I guess that's permanent weight loss huh?  Not what we want here.


We will use a common sense approach, rooted in science, in combining your foods so you can quickly and permanently achieve your desired health, performance and physical beauty goals, using the highest octane fuel that your body needs in a specific and balanced way.  They have an acronym in the computer field called “GIGO,” which states “Garbage In, Garbage Out!”  At some level we all know that what we take or allow into our bodies will ultimately be the same substances that will make up all the cells in our body and mind. Therefore, if you want to look your best, feel your best, perform your best, and have the best relationships – it is the best advice to give your body and mind the best nutrients available!


Pay attention to food labels, and learn where your food comes from, what's actually in it, and how it was produced. Your whole life does depend on it.  People are now “demanding” Organic foods over their commercially and chemically processed counterparts! Organic food is becoming a huge topic, and subsequently shelve space, at your local Walmart of all places. This is huge and this is important, because we as “informed consumers” really vote with our dollars and cents! As local farmers and those being displaced by large chemically owned manufactured farming will tell you: “the best way to help us is to support the people that strengthen you with personal your buying habits.”


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Juicing for Health

Holistic Nutrition transforms your ordinary nutrition into the most efficient personal fuel system known to humans. It is the greatest medicine, for any personal goal or condition, ever taken by any person since. Hippocrates, known as the “father of holistic medicine” has given us deep wisdom that is still relevant, yet dramatically lacking today: “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” Consider getting a juicer to extract the most nutrition of out your organic foods, with their live enzymes and full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients intact.  I'd highly recommend either a Cuisinart 1,000 Watt Blender or a Die-Cast Breville Juicer, because you will want to be able to juice kale and chard and the lower powered juicers will not do that.


I incorporate the best that modern biology, physics and cutting edge nutritional science has to offer. We will show you the energetics of Holistic Nutrition and why it is by far the most superior method of health and wellness enhancement ever devised. We deliver the hottest nutritional and dietary tips to allow you to make the best informed choices. Better knowledge = better choices.


Follow the easy diets and meal planning combinations that work best for you and will help you become the strongest, fittest, sharpest, quickest, healthiest and most attractive and appealing you, that you have ever known or imagined! Be that change today by following a healthy nutritious Holistic Diet!


Check out these specialized tips for Women or Men that show you how you can use specific food combinations to finally get rid of those excessive fat rolls and replace them with your own set of toned abs instead! Watch the Free Videos below and you'll be showing off your new head-turning body (and brand new clothes) in a month. 











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