Natural Healing Therapy

Why Natural Healing Therapy Works


Natural Healing

Natural Healing Therapy will lead you to a permanent and safe healing outcome. It is safe, effective and doesn't have the harmful side effects that the prescription doctor's fill your body with.  It's focus is simple yet powerful. There is no magic bullet to cure any dis-ease or dis-order rather the body is (or has become) out of alignment (natural ease and order) in some area and needs to brought back to its natural state of balance (homeostasis).


Holistic Healing is focused upon treating the whole person (mind, body and spirit) as well as looking at the body as a whole interdependent unit and not merely a sum of individual parts.  Therefore we do not focus upon the symptom but instead eliminate the cause and bring you quick, safe and lasting relief!


Listen to the wisdom of the body and what it is saying (symptoms) and it will provide the mind, body and spirit with the resources and environment necessary, not for the mere absence of dis-ease or illness; but radiant, vibrant, optimum health and wellness, which is your body’s natural and preferred state of being.  The person’s body is the true healer, and by listening to its’ wisdom, it can become whole again!


Natural Healing Therapy is composed of many complementary disciplines, like mental health (positive energy psychology), physical health (nutrition, fitness and posture), emotional health (using our feelings to create positive states of health, relating well to others) and spiritual health (passion, purpose, creativity and connection to source).  When we look at how our beliefs are creating our current environment (our everyday reality), we will be able to see what positive changes we would be wise to consider to bring us into alignment with our highest purpose and all the other levels of health can more easily come into place without any resistance.  It's called being in the flow. It works for business creativity all the way to an elite athlete being in the flow or zone.


Spiritual Health

Our life is a mirror of our beliefs, expectations, passions and drives in life.  Spiritual Health shows you that whatever you believe in your heart will fill your mind, trigger your emotions, attract similar relationships and create a physical body that will be made in that image.  If your body is not well, it is best to start at the top and take stock of how you perceive life currently (currently, as this can change when you receive new information that rings true with you, and you are open to consider higher modes of being – being outside of the box.)


Mental Health

Our beliefs and expectations control what thoughts we have on a daily basis.  Current research shows that we have around 60,000 thoughts a day! Most of these are not even noticed (subconscious thoughts that lead to our auto-pilot programming.) Our goal of Holistic Mental Health is to bring our thoughts into conscious awareness so we can examine them and see if those thoughts are even true and more importantly, are they serving our goals and aspirations?  Do we have any ANT's (automatic negative thoughts) in our life?  If we become aware of them, we can replace them with positive thoughts that will change our emotional life (thoughts lead to emotions and hormone secretions like serotonin or cortisol) and ultimately enhance our body or destroy our health.


Emotional Health

Emotional healing affects our physical health as well as our relationships and social connections and business success.  The more your emotions control you (unexamined daily thought patterns and habitual behavioral reactions) the less success you will be able experience long-term on all levels, particularly your physical health and appearance.  Those with unstable emotional patterns will age much more quickly and be prone to degenerative chronic conditions if they continue uncontrolled.  Learn to be Master of your emotions and your life will reflect it.  You can learn EFT Tapping to balance your emotions and hormones, as well as cure any phobias or deep seated physical problems.  It is Highly Recommended!


Physical Health

Our physical health is governed by the above levels primarily and then by what we take into our physical bodies (nutrition or lack of it.)  All things in our universe are made up of energy (vibration).  Our bodies were meant to be attuned to a particular level of radiance (bio-photon emission) and the higher level we get from our environment and food the healthier and more youthful, vibrant and healthy we will be.  Organic foods (foods without added chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, genetically engineered substances) are of paramount importance here.  As is your source of water and beverages we choose to put into our bodies.  All foods have calories, but not all foods have nutrition.  Knowing the difference makes all the difference.


Physical Exercise and Ergonomic Posture (yoga and tai-chi as well) keep the energy flowing in a beneficial way that feeds every cell in our brain and body.  It keeps nutrition, oxygen and bio-photons flowing and in open dialogue with each other so any imbalances can be corrected quickly.  That is why exercise first thing in the morning is so beneficial as it primes our brains and body with oxygen and nutrients and helps us have a better day and influences our emotional state as well.  It is a natural stress reliever and well as brings your body into a state of ease.  It can help you focus your mind accomplish more in life. Make it a routine in your life, and you will have a long and happy one.


When you put these core ingredients together, you come up with a model for optimum wellness in all areas of your life. Now that you've learned how it all fits together, you can get fit and healthy right now by going to the Holistic Medicine site which has good health information or get a lasting cure to any existing health issues now at Natural Healing Therapy using all natural therapies.

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