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 Ergonomics Can Improve Posture and Health Quickly!

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Good Posture is Key to Health

Good posture is vital to your health.  Without using a proper posture can lead to many health issues like, scoliosis, lower back problems, strained muscles, weak bones, headaches and dizziness as well as that “stuck energy” feeling.  You will look older and shorter than you really are.  Ergonomic Posture focuses upon using proper body mechanics and healthy joint friendly movements.


The word ergonomic is actually made up of two root words:  Ergo – meaning movement; and nomic – meaning following natural laws.  So Ergonomic Posture is our natural state of well-being when we sit, stand or move.  There are some posture exercises that we can do to help balance our body's alignment (also called posture corrector exercises).  Performing the five tibetans is an easy to start because it works on balancing most every muscle group of the body in about 10 minutes a day.


Posture is so important to longevity and quality of life as we all see people who look like they're “looking for quarters on the ground” because their posture is now fused in a very bad position. Don't let that happen to you, you can prevent it now. Also your posture affects your mood, how you feel and how you respond to others. Good posture gives you confidence and commands respect on it's own. Poor posture makes you appear to be insecure and even affects your vocal tone.


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Correct Posture Tips

A good chiropractor can test for muscle and posture imbalances with high tech equipment that will show the exact level of muscle weakness or overcompensation.  Knowing this you can work with a personal fitness trainer and realign your body for maximum benefit and performance.  Efficiency of movement can only happen if your body is in proper alignment.


The Alexander Technique is another method that you can use to learn to sit in an ergonomic way that will take the stress off your lower back and neck.  Another popular method is the Feldenkrais method which has you perform certain exercises to strengthen the muscles of your spinal column.  Learning these techniques can be very beneficial especially if you have been diagnosed with Lordosis (sway back), Kyphosis (hunch back), Scoliosis or Spinal Stenosis (curved back) or Duck Feet (outwardly facing feet).


How to Improve Your Posture

Here is a video that shows how to sit using proper posture and chair adjustment:


Ergonomic Chairs for Posture

Consider purchasing an ergonomic chair with lumbar support and wrist supports that prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, particularly if you use a computer or do any repetitive hand movements for a long period of time.  Doing some simple posture exercises like lying on your back with your palms under your lower back and slowly lifting your legs until they are at least parallel to the ceiling (form a 90 degree angle or less to your body).


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Perform this exercise on an exercise mat on the floor (not a soft bed) for about 15 to 25 repetitions per day. You can test your posture by looking into a full length mirror and noticing the height of your shoulders compared to each other.  If one is higher than the other, you probably have a postural imbalance that needs to be corrected.  You can help decompress years of slouching and poor back posture by using and inversion chair or table. This easy to use device takes the pressure off your neck and cervical spinal column and can relieve tension, and compression injuries safely and naturally.


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Ergonomic Posture Check

A good way to check if you are using proper and healthy posture is to use a full length mirror while using your normal daily posture. If it is off, try aligning it as in chart below, and continue doing it daily till it becomes your new posture. Look at the chart below and you can check your own posture.  (Posture chart courtesy of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.)


If you notice that something is not as aligned as it should be, I recommend that you do get a personal trainer who can guide you through a full body exercise routine.  That will enable you to strengthen and balance your whole body, taking into account the present imbalance and strengthening the weakness.  Don't put this off as it can lead to permanent back damage. 


Are You Currently Experiencing Back Pain?

Watch this brief video that shows you exactly how this holistic back pain therapy is working to permanently heal chronic back pain, and which treatments are not working for people, only adding more pain and expense:


This holistic program corrects your muscle imbalances that are causing spinal compression that directly leads to your back becoming out of alignment and the chronic back pain. You owe it to yourself to live a happier and pain free existence. Just click on Lose the Back Pain guide and in 3 days you’ll be telling all your friends about it.


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