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Non Verbal Communication


Are You Sending The Wrong Message to Others?

You may not be sending the signals you think you are! Most people think they are sending the right “vibe” only to be left without achieving their desired result.  Your body is speaking volumes about your personality, confidence and intent.  The words you say are actually the least important aspect of communication.


Non Verbal Communication accounts for over 55% of your communication.  Voice, Tone, Inflection and Pitch account for 38%, and the words are a mere 7% of what you are communicating to others. Learn Body Language Secrets and you can send the message you are really intending!

Reading Body Language

What learning  how to read Body Language will do for you:

  • It will help you achieve a greater level of health and longevity
  • You can use to instantly transform your mental or emotional state
  • Enhance your image and other people’s perception of you
  • Successfully build rapport with another person or group of people
  • Increase your persuasion ability with others
  • Use your body to send the appropriate signal for your desired outcome
  • Quickly read or interpret what others peoples intentions really are
  • Get that Job/Date/Friend/Connection that you really desire

Body Language Secrets

The 3 R’s of Body Language

  • Reveal – Reveal the Body Language that matches what you desire at the moment
  • Read – Read what other people’s bodies are saying (not just what they are speaking)
  • Relate – Establish rapport so you can be in a better position to relate positively to others


Body Language Signals

You can become a very powerful communicator if you observe and practice the most common body language signals.  Nothing occurs in a vacuum, so we need to look at the “whole package” and make our signals congruent (matching).  A good way to do this is to keep in mind the Rule of 3's.


When you see three occurrences of something of a similar nature or meaning (like someone looking down, crossing their arms and pointing their feet away from you – they don't want to hear what you are saying!), you can pretty much rest assured that you are receiving the message loud and clear.  Don't just act on one signal that you perceive.  Look at the following body language tips and try to spot them in others, as well as using them yourself to send a powerful vibe to others:

Body Language Attraction

You may have heard of the SOFTEN acronym if you want to show interest in someone.

  • S = Smile (a genuine smile – not just a jaw drop smile)
  • O = Open Posture (feet shoulder width apart, arms uncrossed)
  • F =  Forward Lean (lean slightly towards the other person)
  • T = Touch (a light touch on the shoulder or upper arm)
  • E = Eye Contact (hold eye contact for a few seconds, then move to nose)
  • N = Nod (nod in agreement or disagreement with each statement)

Get in front of a full length mirror and practice this until you become comfortable.  Then try it on your friends and associates.  After it becomes second nature, and it will, use it with strangers and people you are dying to meet.  This is step one!  Next we will look at how to uncover other people's inner state, intent and confidence level.  Let's begin by examining posture.


Body Language for Flirting

Here are some standing rules for sending the right signals for flirting with others, and how to evaluate what they are saying without speaking a single word:


  • Standing straight but rigid: May have very “tight” and rigid opinions, or may be overcompensating for a lack of confidence and hence standing unnaturally.  You approach this type of person by feeding their ego and boosting their confidence and see if the body relaxes a bit.  If it does, then you can have a good conversation with them.
  • Standing straight with relaxed shoulders: This is a power position which shows that they have a high self confidence level.  They are usually easily approachable.  You should be able to communicate pretty easily with them.
  • Standing slouched over forward:  Low self confidence and lack of energy.  You may have to coax this person out of their shell and ask them how and why type questions.  If you can get them to stand up straighter, then you may stand a great chance of having a good conversation with them.
  • Standing with feet apart and arms uncrossed: This is a power posture that means confidence and openness. This person is probably open to anything and has an open mind as well.  You could easily start a conversation with them. 
  • Standing with feet close together and/or legs and arms crossed: This person feels vulnerable and lacks confidence in the present situation.  If you can get them to open their posture, by handing them something to look at or having them follow you, then you just changed their mental outlook as well.


Arms & Legs

Here's how to send out the right vibration to others by simply positioning your arms and legs appropriately to your desired outcome. If you want others to approach you and show that you're willing to interact, then stand with your arms open and palms vertical or up, and legs about shoulder width apart pointing forward and slightly outward. If you want to display dominance then you would have your palms facing down or steeple your hands together.  


Your legs point in the direction that they really want to go in.  So if you are talking to someone and their feet are pointed towards the door, then that is where they really want to go – away from you!  When you want to end a conversation then just point your feet away, cross your arms and look away, and you will be showing that you are finished communicating now.


Approach people from the direction in which their feet are pointing and usually to the right of them.  Most people are right handed and feel less vulnerable as this is their strong side.  If you approach to the left, they may snatch their bags and hold on tight (close off) and you will have a tough time talking to them.  Walk at a moderate even pace and immediately say something to them.  Don't hesitate!


Body Language Books and Courses

The best courses that I've seen is Robert Phipps, who have studied and applied body language professionally for decades. You can get Robert Phipps Body Language Course which shows you how to perform the right body language to send the right message. Set yourself up for success with love, romance or business quickly. Don't let another “love of a lifetime” slip past you ever again!

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