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Starting an Online Business is Easier Than You Think!


Making Money Online

beautiful woman working on home businessStarting an Online Business has been one of the best decisions that I have made recently. I now make money online every single day. I don't have to worry about the weather, gas prices or car maintenance or repairs. I started out doing online surveys to make some extra cash, and then used that to get my own blogs, domain name and hosting (I'll show you how to do this part). It is easy, but you must follow a few simple steps to get that money flowing to you. Get the order wrong, and you'll just be spinning your wheels.


That's why it is best to use an Online Business Systems strategy or guide to make sure you do this in a way which will put money into your bank or PayPal account. This Online Business Systems Guide will do just that, and keep your money growing, and your future bright. Simply follow this step by step “Starting an Online Business” guide in the order shown here, and you'll be making money online by the end of THIS month!


Online Business Systems Guide

You can boil online business systems down to 3 basic components; research, website and promotion. Here's how and why it is a great idea to have our ducks that lay the golden eggs in this specific order (in a nutshell):

  • Research: Discover what people are searching for and find a profitable product or service to offer to them
  • Website: Create a niche (topic specific) website that provides quality information and the products or services that you researched that will help them
  • Promotion: Promote your website to others (interest groups, social media like facebook and twitter, search engines where people search for them, and even in your every day life using business cards and word of mouth

This Starting an Online Business systems guide will break down each step and show you exactly where to go to get what you need to get started.


Step 1: Research

google keyword resultsBegin your research by using Google's webmaster tools and the google keyword research tools. Keywords are the words or phrases that your customers or clients will be using to find answers (products or services) to help them find a solution to what they are looking for. An example of what a keyword is and how to use it is going to and typing “used cars in los angeles” with or without the quotes into the search box and pressing the search button. Google then returns pages of results (websites) that others have created that are using those words in their website pages. Example to the right:

You can see that “used cars in los angeles” has a lot of searches, but it has a lot of competition too. Choosing “new cars in los angeles” has a lot less competition and decent search results to begin. Global searches are for the entire world, and local is searches within your local country.


It's best to use an interest, hobby or something that you have a passion about, because more money will be made naturally. You can use anything that you want though. Look for search terms or keywords that have a high number of searches and low competition to start with.  When you discover a good keyword, or set of keywords, write them down in a notepad or word document.


Next you will find some offers to promote that are related to those keywords you have selected to use for your own website. There are many great sites to find offers to promote that pay you a direct commission. is an easy one to use, but it pays a low commission rate 4-6%. I do use them but prefer higher commission rates, usually 10% or more commission rates.


Here are the top recommended top affiliate programs (I'm ACTUALLY making money with these programs right now, so I can say for sure that these do work, not all do). Find products or services to promote – Check the affiliate programs below (Bold and Red are my best sellers, and Green is recurring monthly income) and see if any products or services match your interests or financial wealth goals (you can also promote your own products, although this is more complicated and will be shown in another article):


  • Zeolite Detox (Detox Radiation, Viruses & Cancers)! Bestseller-Makes good money every month!-20% commission pays with PayPal) Click Here to see zeolite products or Here to Signup as an Affiliate Now.
  • Pure Water Filters (Removes Radiation & Fluoride) 15% commission on water systems. Fast PayPal Payments for Payout too!
  • Rapid Profits (Top Affiliate Programs) Hot new products, easy promotions & PayPal payments too)
  • Rapid Weight Loss (Best Holistic Weight Loss Program 25-50% profit PayPal Payments)
  • Healthy Market (PayPal commissions of 40-60% on easy selling natural health and weight loss products)
  • Natural Health Products (Lifetime Commissions on Many Specialized Products of 30-60%)
  • EFT Tapping Solution (Insider Club Recurring commissions – 50% on DVD Series and Media)
  • HealthyWorld (Dr. Horowitz's detoxifying healthy living supplements)\
  • Vitalized Sleep (Stop snoring hot product – Affiliate program)
  • Wholesale Electronics (Easy to sell wholesale prices on electronics, cellphones, jewelery, games, etc)
  • Health and Jewelry (High commission on health, weight loss, biker and designer jewelry, sports equip)
  • (almost any product in the world can be promoted)
  • (digital products like e-books, DVDs, audio books)
  • Linkshare (many products and services)
  • Shareasale (many products and services)

If you already have a product, service or digital product to sell (like an eBook, audio, video, document, etc) then you need to get a online shopping cart system (that charges your customers, collects payments, accepts PayPal, and allows you to have affiliates to sign up and sell your products for you, giving them a commission).


There are many more outstanding programs that you can find by just doing a Google search for “affiliate your interest” with your interest being whatever you want to find products to promote for. I just wanted to show you what is actually working for me. You can see some of the products or services on this site (although I have many more, depending on the niche or specialty I'm blogging about).


Website Setup and Creation

Step 2: Website Setup and Creation

Next after we know that we have some good keywords and that there are profitable products to promote that will make us money, we need to get our website up and running. There are a number of ways to do this, but I will focus upon the best ones for starting an online business that makes money pretty fast. Method one is to use a free webhosting service like and follow the online tutorials there which are really good and create your own site. The good thing is that you can get it up pretty quickly, the not so good thing is that they have total control over what you can and can not put on your site. Like the advertising that will make us money. For that reason I don't recommend it now. It can be used later to let other people know about your “money making website.”


Method 2 of our starting an online business systems guide is creating your own website on your own website hosting account. This is the recommended method as you can place any type of advertising or promote any offers you want and your site won't be taken down for any reason. like they are frequently are on the free sites. That's how I lost so much time and effort before. Not any more! Here is how you do it:

  • Register Your Domain Name: I recommend go-daddy as it's the easiest to get started with.  Domain registrations are usually around $10-20 dollars per year. Find a domain name with your keyword in it if possible. If you're targeting “doll houses” then you would try and find a domain name like (.org .net .biz .info, etc). In that order with .com being first as it's the most recognizable. If your keywords are already taken, then add words like best, top or one in front of your keywords or blog, site, space after them. Like or Avoid dashes unless you find a really good keyword that you want to use.
  • Get Your Web hosting Account: I recommend either HostGator or BlueHost because they are highly reliable and don't crash the way some of the free ones do. When they ar down you don't make money! The recommended ones also have a nice feature called C-Panel (a graphic driven way to change settings) and Fantastico (a one button installation of WordPress) which is truly indispensable to create your website. This is usually around $7-10 per month.
  • Configure your website: I recommend using WordPress as it does everything automatically, and is easy to setup and add new articles (pages and posts) where you can promote offers and show advertising to make money. Google, Yahoo and Bing (the big 3) search engines love blogs and particularly WordPress so you want to use it because it's so much easier for people to find your money making website.

Once you get this up and get your offers on your website, you just need to promote it so people will come and visit, and of course purchase the products and services you are promoting that gives them the solution they've been looking for online. Your online business systems help them greatly, and you make a nice residual income, even while you are sleeping! You just wake up and check how much money you have made each morning. It's such a great feeling!


Step 3: Promoting Your Website

The final stop is to promote your new website to the search engines and through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Sign up to as many of these networks as you can and write a sentence or two letting everyone know about your new website and include why they should click on your link. For instance you can tweet: Hey friends, animal lovers, sports fanatic, etc. Check out my new website and get the latest hot items on….

  • Magic Submitter – High tech software service that automatically submits your website to the top search engines, web directories and web hot spots to get you noticed fast. Getting qualified leads to your website is key, and this is automatic!
  • Auto Web Traffic Generator – Use this tool to bring relevant web traffic to your blog or website. This is necessary so you can get discovered on the internet and start making money from your passion.
  • Facebook Fan Page Maker – Facebook provides a not only a huge boost for your website in Google's eyes, but It can help you get noticed, and makes sales when you create a business page (fan page). It can be quite complicated due to its proprietary programming language but you can get a fan page maker to do it for you. And you can create a page for each business or product or service you are selling.
  • Link Building Service – Consider getting a service that builds links for you, from other Internet Addresses on high page rank pages and ones that have Google authority. The higher the page rank of where they build your lists the more you move up, and the more people come and visit and buy from your website. Using articles that provide value to people are highly favorable as you are giving away value and will reap the rewards by getting people coming to you for more. For more information, visit: SEOLinks.

Also get some business cards made up with your new website address on it, along with your contact information and Facebook and Twitter addresses as well. The more people know about your website the more they can help you promote it too in their own circles and social media profiles. If you get stuck on any step you can visit my contact page and let me know how I can better help you in starting your online business systems today!

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You're on your way to making a nice income you can do from home. I'm doing it and it's working for me, and it will for you too. Follow this Starting an Online Business Systems Guideline in order and if you have any questions, or feel stuck on one part, just contact me on the contact page or the ribbon bar at the bottom of your browser.  To creating a better and more prosperous world for us all!


Learn From The Masters – People Making Money Online Right Now

Here are the top programs to help you get started on your way to your first paycheck (or PayPal deposit), or for those already making money, how to bring profits to the next level on automatic pilot (i.e., residual sales).

  • Affiliate Sales Mastery Program – Learn from the top dog in internet marketing. He takes you by the hand and shows you from step 1 to step 10 how to make money with affiliate products, services or your own product!
  • Niche Marketing Profit Classroom – Learn how to Identify a hot niche market (weight loss pills), discover customers who really need the product or service, create a blog or website, and convert sales.
  • Lead and List Building Program – Build your most important asset – Your Email List. You don't need to be ranked highly in Google, Bing or Yahoo if you have your own list. You just email them your best offers along with relevant tips and watch your list (and bank account) grow.
  • Google Sniping Program – Google is the biggest search engine. Being ranked there is “straight cash homie,” to borrow a metaphor. Use this while you're building your list and you have the maximum way to make cash, from organic search (when someone searches on Google for your product or service).


For help in getting personal mentorship (from someone who is still making millions online, and guarantees to take you by the hand so you can do the same – all completely guaranteed, you make money or don't pay)  check out the Internet Millionaire Training Program.

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