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Have You Ever Had Brilliant Insights or Million Dollar Ideas But Never Did Anything With Them? Discover How to Brain Dump Them to Become Clear With A Mind Map Manager.


Become Clear by Mind Mapping

a mind map of the human brainYou're about to discover one of the best ways in the world of finally getting your ideas onto paper where you can do something with them. Not only literally but visually too. Mind Mapping (or mine mapping – when you mine your personal creativity for clarity) allows you to take your creative inspirations from the right brain and pass them through the left brain onto paper.


What this is actually doing is using whole brain thinking and creativity because you're bringing together the genius of both sides of your brain in a way that most people can't do (unless they use this mind mapping tool!).


Concept Mapping – Making a Process Map

The best way to explain this is to do it visually. Take a look at a complicated idea and how it can be made simple, and easy for anyone to understand just by looking at it (click the image for full-sized image):

concept mapping - concept draw





















What this does is takes something that you'd like to make sense of and “see the whole picture” instead of fumble around with incomplete parts. This has personally helped me when I had to prepare for a class (I was teaching a course) and also design most of my websites too. I was sure to cover all my bases and come up with something that works really well for me. I didn't know where to start until I “mind mapped” it.


Mind Mapping Programs

There are quite a few programs out there that are really great. I have used iMindMap which is really good. I also got the MindJet program, and that's the one I used to create my classes and websites. I like it because it is easy to use, benefit rich and the top selling one. I can share ideas with other friends and developers because they have the same software. Click on the image to make it full sized.


becoming clear with a mindmapBecoming Clear

I love how easy it is to get started. All you do is place your main idea or top in the center. You can use any graphic you want. You then add branches like a tree (yes, people do family trees with it too) and then add clickable buttons to expand the topic more. It's great for giving a presentation because you show a clear topic, and then click down to the exact steps to make something happen.


It's pretty much recommended for web designers, educators or taking a general brain dump for clarity on complex concepts or issues. MindJet is recommended for Mac's and PC's as well. To find out how easy this makes things just click here.


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