Alone For The Holidays?

Don't Spend the Holidays Alone… Again


Alone Again, Naturally?

Holidays can be both a time of joy and a time of sadness. We can be happy to know that we have loving friends and family and yet go home to an empty home. I know. It's a place that I've been to many times in my own past. I would be the life of the party and yet still come home alone at the end of the night. And the harder I seemed to try, the more finding the right person for me seemed to escape me. So, you're not alone in feeling this way. You can learn to make an Incredible Connection tonight.

First Steps in Attracting a Harmonious Partner

Here are some of the things that I did that led to my never coming home alone again (unless I needed the rest, of course!):

  • Learn to Be at peace with yourself – Be Happy In your own skin
  • Discover Your passion in life
  • Find places where others are that share that passion
  • Know that you are a valuable person
  • Know that you are meant to be happy
  • Know that someone is dying to share in that happiness – With You!

Being At Peace With Yourself

Let's get this out of the way first and foremost. It all starts with you. It's really all about you anyway. You can't really experience it any other way. You will only attract the equivalent of what energy you are sending out by your true feelings about yourself. It isn't about the other person. You'll know that you've passed this step when you can lay in bed or on the couch in the evening and say to yourself “I love you [your name].” This may seem hard at first but it only takes a decision to do it, that's it. So, please sit or lay back and do this step right now. A good way to learn how to do this is by using the Sedona Method.

Discover Your Passion In Life

What is one thing that you could do on your own or by yourself that would make you feel really good?  Do you love a particular song? A particular Movie? A particular Place? A particular activity? This critical step requires you to find one or more of these particular things, and write them down. When was the last time that you actually did or experienced any one of them? If you can't even remember, then it's time to write down at least 5 things that make you feel really happy, and then plan to do one of them within the next week. That's a really good start.

Where Can You Do This Passion Socially?

Human Beings are naturally drawn to others that are “like them” and we say that we “like them” when we find them. If you like reading books, go hang out at a Bookstore in a mall or a library. You're sure to meet other people who are enjoying the very same activity that you do. There are also plenty of internet groups, like meetup groups that other people just like you are organizing with your interest locally. You can even start one of these groups and be the hottest ticket in town. Take a look at matchmaker to see if your mate is there.

Realize That You Are a Valuable Person

You are a valuable person to the world. If you were not, then you would not even be here. There are many people who would be very excited to actually meet you and spend time with you. The more positive you are, the more you are sending out the right signals that others will notice and respond to. You must know that you are valuable and exude that confidence out the world stage. When you do that, you'll find that your opportunities increase exponentially.

You are meant to be Happy

Happiness is a decision. You can decide to be happy or miserable at any time of your life. You see it all the time around you. Your perception will create your reality. If you are doing what makes you happy, then you are truly happy, simple as that. Decide that you are worth it and tell it to yourself many times a day. How many times you might ask? Over and Over and Over until you really believe it. When you do that consistently, your subconscious will believe that and you'll find yourself acting happy even when you don't realize that. This is the new true you!

Some one is Dying to Meet You

Someone is anxiously waiting for you to come prancing across their radar screen. It might take a long time to cross their screen if you're just sitting at home and not doing what you love doing.  So, what are you waiting for? I know some people may be naturally shy, and there is nothing wrong with that. Shyness can actually be a bit sexy. A good piece of advice would to be to learn about how to send and receive the signals that are being sent as you are out in the world in your daily life. When you learn how to read these signals of interest, you can act in confidence because you'll know exactly what they mean, and how you should respond to get what you really want.

Learn Conversational Hypnosis

This method can help you choose powerful words and say them in a specific way to create that emotional state that excites them in your presence. It is highly recommended as it can also help you gain extreme self-confidence and be a better speaker. You even ace interviews better!

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