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  1. i have been trying to go it alone but results have been tiny if any. i am paralyzed unable to perform in even the easiest obs for most folks i do however have a strong mind and belief in the law of attraction and tried to practice most everything i as tld however, life and circumstance has left e w nothing but a warm safe place to live and a tiny paycheck from the government based on my former strong income it is time to learn a real working system but as said lack the financial ability to do anything bout learning a proven working program that is free instead of just boosting their dream income forward anyone out there who has the financial blessings and the heart to pay it forward as it is said and bless me into this program? if so i would be happy to pay back double or more when the abiity comes thank you in advance blessings scott

  2. i sure pray and even wish blessings on anyone willingness to help this struggling daddy/grandpa at the ripe age of 51….

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