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Super Brain Yoga


Brain Yoga

stress relief yogaThere is a practice that Yoga practitioners and healers have been using for centuries to keep their brains sharp, mind focused and allow creative inspiration to flow into them quickly and easily.


This is a simple practice that you can learn in about 10 minutes and apply anytime you need a quick de-stress or to stop that chattering mind from preventing you from receiving the answer that you're looking for.


There are so many benefits to learning Yoga that it is almost impossible to note all of them. Discover a few of the myriad of things learning Yoga can do for you.


Yoga Benefits:

  • Calm your Mind
  • Calm your Emotions
  • Relax your Body
  • Enhance your Spiritual Connection
  • Stimulate physical Healing
  • Achieve greater Fitness and Weight Loss
  • Tone your Body
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Supercharge your Brain

This is a natural tool that can help you on your journey through life, especially when the ride gets a little bumpy or there appear to be roadblocks in your path. Yoga can help you move past these without getting all worked up. You may even discover the answer to a challenge you are facing. It has helped me many times in my life respond intelligently to life's challenges rather than react, and apologize later.


Watch this short video on Super Brain Yoga and try this out. It involves simple stretches and Yoga techniques that not only oxygenate your brain but also allow brain neural network growth (more use of your brain) while providing a healing effect on your body and emotions:



Yoga is so healing for the mind body spirit of the whole person. Do practice it and you will reap many physical as well as spiritual benefits. Peace and blessings to you on your journey through life. For more information you can check out these resources on Yoga, especially for those wanting to learn how to practice yoga at home: Yoga for Beginners

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