BrainWave Entrainment – Can It Increase Your IQ and Performance?

brain waves increase iq

… say that it has improved my own capability to remember names, promote relaxation and even get a good night’s rest when my mind is overactive using the holosync program shown on the movie “The Secret.”  I keep the audio on my smart phone and use it regularly.   So, what are these audio beats, and how do they work?  Well, we all know how music in general affects us, sometimes profoundly. The beats are interpreted by our brains as different vibrational frequencies (Cycles …

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Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity – Manifesting Abundance

… they were (just living paycheck to paycheck) to healthy, wealthy and wise. Here’s a recent interview of someone who learned and applied this technique to become financially free: Click the following link to learn: 11 forgotten laws for wealth creation   Manifesting Abundance with Dr. Joe Vitale Let Dr. Joe Vitale of The Secret fame, show you exactly how he went from ungrounded and homeless to spiritually and physically wealthy! As you begin to see more of the desired abundance …

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You Can Heal Your Life Right Now and Start Living Your Best Life!

… I’m sure you have heard or read of Jack Canfield’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book or even series of New York Times Bestselling books, as well as many business seminars and of course the enlightening movie and book “The Secret.”  The Tapping World Summit Video series has now been released and is helping many people become more successful in life. In fact last year over 100,000 people attended this event online! Jack Canfield teaches (in the easy to …

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Watch “The Secret” Movie Today!

the secret movie

Watch The Secret   Here is a movie that you can watch over and over again as it’s very inspirational. Just take what makes sense to you, and hop over anything that you already know, or doesn’t interest you at this moment. Esther and Jerry Hicks were the driving force behind this great idea, whose time has come. Watch it, learn and pay it forward and create the type of life you want while lifting up others at the same time. It is a win/win situation when this really sinks in:   …

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Lao Russell’s Code of Ethics

… Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy, and added to the list of books Walter Russell had already completed writing: The Universal One, The Message of the Divine Iliad, and The Secret of Light.  The concept that “genius is inherent within everyone” is transforming the lives of many people who have been inspired by this philosophy of balanced action. Walter Russell died on his 92nd birthday, May 19, 1963. From the time of her husband’s death, Lao Russell continued the work …

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An Attitude of Gratitude – The Key to Abundance

How to Practice an Attitude of Gratitude and Appreciation   Embracing an attitude which is both enthusiastic and positive will elevate your vibrational rate exponentially. It can transform the energy of the place where you are standing and positively affect the people all around you. If you’ve watched or read Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” or the “The” channel you’ve heard of this very important concept.  Your attitude shapes your inner and …

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Are Your Current Beliefs Blocking Your Happiness?

Your beliefs directly lead to what you experience as reality, it is wise to examine what beliefs you are now holding (they change over time), where they came from (they can be deeply ingrained from your heritage), and most importantly whether they are serving your needs or you are serving theirs! I believe this is the beginning of true wisdom. If you do this one thing, you will see the positive changes in your life that you didn’t even think was possible. Your Beliefs Control Your Destiny!

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