Lao Russell’s Code of Ethics

Lao Russell's Code of Ethics – A Simple Guideline to Manifest Your Dreams


I saw this on the comments section over at DivineCosmos and had to repost it here. It is so true. All we need to do is take one of these guidelines and try to use it today in our lives. Our lives will improve dramatically!


In 1948, Walter and Lao Russell established the Walter Russell Foundation at Swannanoa, on Afton Mountain in Waynesboro, Virginia. Here they wrote their Home Study Course in Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy, and added to the list of books Walter Russell had already completed writing: The Universal One, The Message of the Divine Iliad, and The Secret of Light.  The concept that “genius is inherent within everyone” is transforming the lives of many people who have been inspired by this philosophy of balanced action. Walter Russell died on his 92nd birthday, May 19, 1963.

From the time of her husband’s death, Lao Russell continued the work of the University of the Science of Man, writing further books—Love and Why You Cannot Die!—lecturing across America, and corresponding with students and friends around the world. She continued the Man-Woman Equality League she had started earlier, and founded the International Age of Character Clubs.

“Every person in this world has a deep purpose,” expounded Lao Russell. “Happiness consists of finding one’s own purpose and working to fulfill it.” By so doing, every person will contribute to the One-World Purpose of unity and harmony, which, she was convinced, can come about through right action based on that scientific knowledge which builds men and women of character, power, imagination and vision.


Lao Russell's Code of Ethics for a living philosophy

To bring blessing on yourself, bless your neighbor.

To enrich yourself, enrich your neighbors.

Honor your neighbor and your neighbor will honor you.

To sorely hurt yourself, hurt your neighbor.

He who seeks love will find it by giving it.

The measure of a man's wealth, is the measure of the wealth he has given.

To enrich yourself with many friends, enrich your friends with yourself.

That which you take away from any man, the world will take away from you.

When you take the first step to give yourself to that which you want, it will also take the first step to give itself to you.

Peace and happiness do not come to you from your horizon. They spread from you out to infinity beyond your horizon.

The whole Universe is a mirror which reflects back to you, that which you reflect into it.

Love is like the ascent of a high mountain peak. It comes ever nearer to you as you go ever nearer to it.

Copyright, 1955, by the University of Science and Philosophy.



Also from their Twilight Club, is the Poet's Code of Ethics


Poet's Code of Ethics

1.To attain the brotherhood-of-man idea by giving righteous action and good-will service to every man instead of taking from him that which he has.

2.To discover that all men are extensions of each other, that man is made for man, and that the hurt of one man is the hurt of all men.

3.To develop character, intelligence and good citizenship by teaching every man from early youth how to be a good neighbor and a loyal citizen.

4.To discover one's inner Self by awakening within him that spark of divine genius which lies dormant in every man.

5. To teach man to think rather than to remember and repeat.

6. To realize that work done for the material world should be for man's enoblement, and not for grinding his soul out in the gears of industrial machines.

7. To know that man is Mind, not body; that he is immortal Spirit, not mortal flesh, that he is good, not bad.

8. To judge the righteousness and religion of any man by what he does to his fellow man and not by his belief's, doctrines, creeds, or dogmas.

Lao and Walter Russell added number 9 and 10, in essence:

9. To give a scientific course for the study of the application of the Spencer Code of Human Relations.

10. To combine science and philosophy in a unified teaching.

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