The Benefits of Sun Gazing and Earthing

Sun Gazing - Animated Sun

… and safe when done right.) It’s about using the natural energy and anti-oxidants from our own, earth and sun to improve eyesight and health naturally. I have been personally doing it for almost a year now, and I’ve noticed more energy, stronger workouts, feeling less hungry, better sleep, heightened mood, improved vision and deeper spiritual connection. I feel that they’re really on to something. I don’t do it exclusively, but I do use it as a way to gain better …

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Whole Brain Thinking Using Yoga

stress relief yoga

… learning Yoga that it is almost impossible to note all of them. Discover a few of the myriad of things learning Yoga can do for you.   Yoga Benefits: Calm your Mind Calm your Emotions Relax your Body Enhance your spiritual connection Stimulate physical Healing Achieve greater Fitness and Weight Loss Tone your Body Enhance Creativity Supercharge your Brain This is a natural tool that can help you on your journey through life, especially when the ride gets a little bumpy or there appear to …

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Discover The Power of Healing Crystals

healing crystals

… vibrations. Although I do love amethyst for spiritual connection, and wild and exciting dreams!   Find out how to charge your crystals or get them pre-programmed with isochronic sound vibrations which are harmonious to the crystal and can be used when you need them. To learn more visit: Healing Crystals. …

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What Would a Mayan Elder Do?

… Mechanics and what to do right now to live a life that attuned to your true potential. Watch the three videos below, and learn the most important things you can do right now, to live a better life starting from this very moment. It will also help you achieve spiritual connection and eventual enlightenment as you work with his simple exercises, that are so simple even a child can do them. In fact, I think most children do do them bringing to light the famous biblical quote “you must be as a …

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11:11 11 New Year Resolutions for 11

… never been a better and easier time to quit smoking once and for all. They have cool and trendy e-cigs that will help you cut the nicotine down and make quitting a breeze. You also won’t be out in the cold because you can use these in all public places, even in front of your non- smoking mate. For more information visit Stop Smoking Help. Develop or Deepen spiritual connection – Most people have realized that life is practically meaningless without a sense of purpose and direction in life. …

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