Discover The Power of Healing Crystals

Discover The Power of Healing Crystals


healing crystalsWhat are crystals and what can they do for me? They've been used for millenia, ever since recorded history. The philosopher Plato quoted that they were used in the highest civilizations on the planet, and even on the continent or island of Atlantis about 12,500 years ago.


These crystals come in many shapes, sizes, colors and varieties. They all have different properties or vibrations which have affinities for different things in our vibrational universe. They are made of silicon (yes, the same silicon that is used in computers because of their highly structured properties) and the emission of electro magnetic energy. They can amplify that energy, transform it, store it, focus it, and transmit it either towards and object (or person) or dissipate it away from a person or object of attention.


Here is a cool little video that explains some of what crystals do. The voice is a little “mechanic” but it is highly informational:


Crystals for Healing

You can use crystals for healing the human (or animal) body, for calming or exciting the emotions, and for easier access to the spiritual world. It all depends on which crystals you use, and how you program them. They are programmable exactly the same way a computer is programmable. By infusing intention into them and focusing them to your desired outcome. I love to use clear quartz crystals as my mainstay because they contain all colors and vibrations. Although I do love amethyst for spiritual connection, and wild and exciting dreams!


Find out how to charge your crystals or get them pre-programmed with isochronic sound vibrations which are harmonious to the crystal and can be used when you need them. To learn more visit: Healing Crystals.

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