What’s Killing Our Honey Bees?

honey bee

… for their disappearance. And like Albert Einstein said, if we lose our honey bees, humans will also disappear in four years!  This is serious business. Genetically Engineered foods? Radiation Poisoning? Angels playing the HAARP? Chemtrails? Or were they just forced to take a Bayer chemical to soothe their nerves? It’s also leaking into our water supplies from the runoff of their chemical farming techniques. All life needs fresh and clean drinking water to survive and I would seriously …

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The Power of Intention

… is becoming a dominant thought form in your mind. Modern Quantum Physics experimentation unquestionably shows that thoughts affect matter and can collapse a wave (invisible energy) into a particle (visible energy) by an observer’s attention (thought) to it. Albert Einstein famously called this observed quantum entanglement as “Spooky action at a distance” back in 1935. Indeed we have vast amounts of creative power in that is almost “spooky” in its magnitude if we only were to learn to …

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Holistic Medicine – Don’t Get Treated Without It!

… we go along in this website.   This is accomplished first through a state of being (we are human Beings, not human Doings) finding the source of dis-ease (the absence of a state of ease, our natural state) and coming into alignment with our body’s wisdom. As Albert Einstein stated, we must solve the dis-ease or disturbance (problem) at a higher level than its manifestation. If you treat the illness but not the cause – your condition will surely return. That’s why most cancers …

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