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About Holistic Medicine

Naturopathic or Holistic medicine is founded on the unity of mind, body and spirit. It is directly in line with modern quantum physics and mechanics, as well as modern biology. Quantum physics demonstrate clearly that everything has a wave/particle duality that is in essence a vibration. And that everything is in essence connected and not separate at all. Therefore you cannot “kill” or “remove” one part of a physical body without affecting the whole. Our body’s natural state is wholeness and balance, and is always seeking balance. Our bodies are the true healers; we only need to listen to what it is telling us through the symptoms and feeling that we experience.


Modern biology has demonstrated that we are not at the mercy of our genetic makeup, but instead control our gene transcription (which chromosomes are turned on) through our psychological state, emotional state, and interactions with our environment. How we view and respond to our environment is what controls how our genes express themselves. Homeopathic Medicine use nature's law of vibrations to match symptoms with their natural cures (like cures like). Herbal remedies use the natural vibration of herbs to the same effect.


Modern science also shows that our hearts, as well as our entire body has inherent intelligence “a non-local brain” that gives off energetic waves that can be measured with electronic equipment. This is called the “Wisdom of our Body.” Ancient cultures knew this and sought to provide our bodies with a balanced approach to wellness. Kirlian photography has been around for over 100 years now, and clearly shows that all living life forms have an energetic field surrounding that envelops the life form in its entirety.


This energy field even shows the complete blueprint of the body or life form (plant, leaf, animal, etc.) even if a part of the physical body or plant leaf is cut completely off and thrown away! Acupuncture meridians have also been recently scientifically verified (thanks to NASA equipment) to exist exactly as the Traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic physicians have stated MILLENNIA ago! Spiritual healing taps into the vibrational level and uses intention and focused benevolence to heal.


Hippocrates is called the “Father of Medicine,” and all modern physicians take the oath to “Do no harm.” He taught the holistic model of medicine, and even used astrology to see beyond the physical to the actual source of the imbalance, and educate the client of potential challenging energies that may affect the patient’s future health. His foundation was based upon nature (sunlight, exercise, and wholesome foods) as well as fresh air and clean water.


This is still relevant today, but no longer followed by the majority of Allopathic medicine’s physicians. They do take the Hippocratic Oath; unfortunately much harm is done, although usually unintentionally, I sincerely hope. Paracelsus, the great physician, was also a metaphysician like Hippocrates and Galen before him. He introduced chemistry and psychology into mainstream medicine and integrated them with the then traditional natural and holistic healing models in the late 15th and early 16th centuries (today’s integrative and complementary medicine) and thus is referred to as “The Father of Modern Medicine.”



Naturopathic (pertaining to nature) and Holistic (pertaining to wholeness and balance) medicine should be the cornerstone of any intelligent physician’s practice as it is, and has always been, the beginning or origin of optimum health and wellness. Naturopathic and Holistic medical physicians and practitioners seek to find the source of imbalance in the whole person and recommend changes that bring the person back to a state of optimum health, on all levels. That is they treat the person, not the illness. This is a very important distinction as we will show you as we go along in this website.


This is accomplished first through a state of being (we are human Beings, not human Doings) finding the source of dis-ease (the absence of a state of ease, our natural state) and coming into alignment with our body’s wisdom. As Albert Einstein stated, we must solve the dis-ease or disturbance (problem) at a higher level than its manifestation. If you treat the illness but not the cause – your condition will surely return. That’s why most cancers return because we keep killing the effect but not even touching the cause. The spiritual, mental, emotional and environmental levels must be been brought back to wellness and balance first. That’s exactly why we are here. So, join us on a journey that will bring health and happiness back into your own control, you can do it, and we can help! Your journey starts now!


You can find out how to make your own holistic natural medicine using simple herbals and foods.  They usually work much better and don't have the side effects.  Check out the homemade medicine book site and learn to make your own Naturopathic Medicine

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  1. …The physician must start with nature, with an open mind. I love that quote. How did we get so far away from this? And what happened to common sense nutrition, exercise and emotional balance to prevent most disease in the first place? We are ‘trying to fool Mother Nature’, and that has never worked.

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