Why You Should Wear Ethical Fashion Green Sustainable Organic Clothing

Green Sustainable Organic Clothing


Ethical Fashion

green sustainable fashionEthical Fashion makes a powerful and compassionate statement that you care about your world in an active way. What we choose to put on your bodies says a whole lot about us. Not only that but it also becomes part of your vibration, one that other people see even before you say one word. It can also raise your personal vibration because all things, including clothing have a particular vibration energy that can be seen by a Darkfield microscope and be sensed by other beings (humans and animals alike).


What you wear says a whole lot about you, much more than the words you speak. Wearing Ethical Fashion is something that you can feel really good about, because when you purchase it (you vote with your dollar) and everyone benefits!


Green is more than a color

Green is more than a color, it also means that it is sustainable and eco friendly or earth and world friendly. It can be items made of natural materials, organic materials and clothing that leaves a small footprint on our earth. It is also a vibrant and living type of creation. It is a win-win for nature as well as the people that use these highly beneficial items.


I've noticed that when I go “green” I get a lot of compliments, and seem to attract more of the type of people that are in harmony with me, and and also experience synchronistic type benefits, like meeting just the person that I need to meet for one of my personal goals or wishes. I also am drawn to them because they are beautiful and show the world that you care, about fashion as well as each other. You can't go wrong when you wear green sustainable fashion clothing, or give it as a gift. This is the one gift that can be cherished by all.


Sustainable Organic Clothing

sustainable organic bagNot only can you get sustainable organic clothing for women, you can also get men's clothing, shoes, perfumes, jewelry and handbags, backpacks and purses all made sweatshop and cruelty free. Many of these items are hand made and highly unique, just like you are! I highly recommend them as gifts as well as for your own use because you not only look really good wearing and using them, but you also feel really good, physically and spiritually.


This is a winning combination, and I feel really good recommending products made in this fashion. Send the right vibe when you use products that are eco and life friendly and feel good about being part of the solution for our environment and world. Also look fabulous and unique doing it. Trailblazers do apply here! For the latest on Green Organic Fashion Click Here



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