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Whiten Your Teeth-Freshen Your Breath!


Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

oral care - beautiful smileYou're about to discover a remarkable breakthrough in dental health and oral that prevents tooth decay and gum disease naturally. But, that's not all; it also makes your teeth healthy, strong and white and your breath fresh as a the morning after a light spring rain.This is the ultimate solution to long term dental health care and those who you kiss will be pleasantly surprised!

Your mouth and teeth normally possess more germs than an average toilet bowl! Why? Bacteria from everything you put into your mouth. It not only begins fouling your breath, and yellowing your teeth, but it also causes gum disease, tooth disease and heart problems! The solution? Bacteria. Healthy Bacteria. Probiotics.

Tooth White Oral Care & Probiotics

What this exceptional dental care system does it coats your whole mouth with very active probiotics. Yes, the same probiotics that are so crucial for stomach health has been discovered to do the same thing for your teeth and gums. It displaces and moves out harmful bacteria (the one that causes tooth decay, green teeth, periodontal disease and dragon breath) and blankets your mouth with a protective coating that stops tooth decay as it whitens teeth and freshens breath, all naturally and inexpensively.


You can even use this for superior animal dental health. You won't have to hide when they want to jump in your lap and lick your face. Wouldn't you like it if “Ralph's” breath were a bit fresher, and his teeth were healthier too? Click here for Evora Pet formula.

Natural Teeth Whitening Dental Care

This is the teeth whitening system that you can take with you anywhere! It freshens your breath (like before that big date or social event) and actually strengthens your teeth. You can start smiling again with confidence as your teeth become healthy and brilliantly white, just like nature intended.


No more stressful episodes at your local dentist office (that whining drill in the other room) and the smell of all those noxious chemicals and mercury! Watch this short video and you'll find out how to end those painful and expensive dental office visits for good.

Click Here to whiten your teeth with probiotic mints now!

Superior Oral Care and Dental Health Guide:

  • Get your mercury amalgam filings removed quickly (these damage teeth)
  • Start using a tooth decay eater and tooth remineralizer: Liquid Dentist
  • Follow that with Tooth Probiotics between meals (prevent gum disease, tooth decay as you whiten your teeth and freshen your breath)
  • Brush your teeth using an Ionic Toothbrush (proven over 3 times more effective than a brush)
  • Don't use Fluoride ever again! (yes, Fluoride – It weakens your teeth, and destroys your health; ever hear of dental fluorosis?)
  • Brush with Xylitol Toothpaste (a natural sweetener that kills tooth and sinus bacteria, fluoride free too so you won't get dental fluorosis or Alzheimer's!)
  • Neem Enamalizer (Use this to build natural enamel on your teeth. You only need 1 drop!)
  • Horsetail Extract (This has a high amount of natural Silica for teeth, hair and nails – use only the Equisetum hyemale type because it is the one that works to rebuild tooth enamel. Use it for about a month. It is harder to find than the common Equisetum Arvense type, but you can try here and get organic powder if they have it – Kalyxherbs)


natural teeth whiteningThis holistic oral care treatment is the future of dental health (and it just may improve your love life, and social outings) while it prevents body wide bacterial attacks and heart disease (heart disease is linked to unhealthy tooth bacteria!) I highly recommend this dental care system over any other system currently known, as it works like no other and has unmatched benefits. You will either be walking around with brittle “pee yellow” teeth, or you can proudly show your summer cloud white teeth. The choice is yours.


People really notice and admire healthy white teeth, and tell their friends when they get a “winter fresh” kiss. Now, it's your turn to reap the benefits of mouth full of smooth and healthy pearly white teeth and winter fresh breath! Visit Evora Plus and put your best teeth forward!

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