What is NLP?


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Discover How NLP Techniques Can Get You What You Want In Life Easily!


What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming, it it literally means the programming of your brain through language patterns and non-verbal communication modalities. It seeks to master human interpersonal communication so that we know what message other people are sending. It can also help us send the right message to others. You can use it to program yourself for greater success in business as well as personal or romantic relationships. It can help you install positive habits or behaviors as well as remove ones that are no longer serving you.

NLP Techniques

There are a lot of techniques to learn in NLP that can quickly change your life for the better. As an introduction on how you can use these techniques to help you become a more powerful observer and manifestor in life, let's start with NLP Presuppositions. NLP prepositions are one of my favorite tools to use to help someone understand my point of view quickly. They help you simplify complex ideas into easy to use language patterns. They are easy to explain to others.


Learn to use them and you can help others quickly understand where you are coming from and even help you understand their choices as well.  It can help you develop a sense of true compassion for what is happening to them at any moment. Most people don't even realize how they are shooting themselves in the foot.


They are usually not creating their models of perception based upon their experiences; instead they are doing it by what they have been told by some “authority” or taught as indisputable truth.  Read on about the presuppositions of NLP and you can quickly become a more effective and persuasive communicator.


Develop your unique perception and belief about “the world,” one that is true to you. You cannot become a powerful or persuasive person if your beliefs are not your own. The Presuppositions of NLP will help you see the world in a new and powerful and creative way. Using NLP you can see how people use these models of the world, and adjust them to give yourself more options in life.

NLP Training

The more options you have, the better the outcome of any situation you encounter. More Options = Better Results in all areas of life.


Watch this live demonstration of how NLP works in a real session:

You can find out more by clicking Neuro-Linguistic Programming Guide

NLP Practitioner – Top Prepositions

Consider the following four Neuro-Linguistic Programming Presuppositions and see how you are currently using them, and how you can tweak them into a model that works for you. Own them and make them your own:

  • The Map is not The Territory

“People actually respond to their ‘map’ of reality and not to reality itself. This ‘Map of Reality’ is created from teachings, observations, experiences, memories and beliefs.” The words we use are not the event or item they represent only an interpretations of it. Our representation or map of the world largely determines how we will actually experience reality.  People see the world not how it is, but how their experience of it is.  In other words they use their own internal map to describe and relate to the external one.  That is why reality appears to be different for every person.  We can describe the same event differently because we filter the experience through our own maps. Everything is subjective.  Once you really understand this concept you will realize that there is no real objective truth only consensus.  You can use this presupposition to expand your own possibilities and consider that more options exist in any situation.  We can then learn to respect other people's map of the world and not need to judge them.

  • There is no Failure only Feedback

Every time you try and do something and it does not succeed as planned, you have feedback on what did or did not work and the you become smarter because of it.”  The clearer the picture becomes the greater the opportunity of you actually succeeding at what it is that you want to accomplish.  Thomas Edison “failed” over a thousand times in his quest to create a light bulb that worked.  Each time he “failed” he became closer to creating the previously “impossible.”  If you want to accomplish something that seems “impossible' then Start Failing More.  The more you do so, the quicker you will get what it is that you want.  Failure is key to success!  Just remember that this feedback is what is helping you to grow mentally, spiritually as physically.

  • You Cannot Not Communicate

Speaking no words is actually speaking volumes! Even when you remain silent, you communicate non-verbally which is about 75% of the communication.  The words are the least important aspect of communication.  Learning Body Language can help you interpret what someone is really saying, even when they are not speaking!   How many times have you asked someone a question and knew the answer before they even responded?  Even if they said “alright” you absolutely knew that that wasn't the right answer.  You were reading their Non-Verbal cues.  Learning to send the right message can help you immensely in your relationships with others and can help you succeed in business, pleasure and romance as well.

  • People Have all the Internal Resources They Need to Succeed.

There are no Unresourceful People, just Unresourceful States of Perception. Everyone has access to all the internal states necessary to effect the change in outcomes or results they are seeking.  The one thing that is necessary to achieve success in any area is to learn to access those resources and bring them into the present (the Power of Now) moment where your point of power is.  You can't fix the past, but you can most definitely effect a change in the present, right here, right now.  What this really comes down to is – Choice.  When we choose to “go for it” then all the resources we need internally can contribute to this goal, and we even attract solutions from outside of ourselves that are matched to this choice by focusing upon it.  Ask yourself not “why can't I do it?” but rather “how can I do this?”  You will find that this positive state is one that will allow you to see the opportunities (choices to be made) by attracting the fruits of the solution and not of the problem.

NLP Trainer Course

You can learn more about NLP in your daily life by taking a course on it. It can be the single best self-help tool you ever learn to attract the kind of relationships, career and experiences you desire, as well as improve every aspect of your life. To begin consider using these four NLP presuppositions in your daily life.  Focus upon one of these each day, and see how you can incorporate them into your awareness process.  


Discover ways that other people are using them, and use them to personally achieve the results and success that you are looking for personally. You can only change the world by changing yourself first. Using these NLP tools can bring your persuasion ability through the roof and this is just a start.  There are plenty more exciting NLP techniques for you to learn and apply, so just head on over to our Neuro-Linguistic Programming Guide and reap the benefits today!

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