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Spiritual Diet – The Jon Gabriel Approach

Spiritual Based Diet

spiritual weight lossThe Spiritual Diet is begins with the solid foundation of Mind Body and Spirit and how they all directly influence each other. If you’re looking for permanent weight or fat loss, then this is the best overall approach, period. It works so well because it allows you to see what’s been stopping you, and removes that resistance leading to easy weight loss. It’s the key factor that most diets miss. They try and remove the weight by calorie counting, intense exercise and cutting out all your carbohydrates. This is not sustainable or sensible when you look at the big picture.


They work on the effect (excess weight) and ignore what’s causing the excess fat to be locked away in your body. Once you realize what’s been causing your body to respond in this way, your body will return to it’s normal healthy state. It begins with your body being in a state of ease from the spiritual level, to the mental and finally down to your body’s fat cells. Stress is the main cause of weight staying on.


Stress creates a chain reaction of elevated insulin (a fat STORAGE hormone), lowers your blood sugar so you’re hungry, and creates an acidic and disease prone state in your body known as chronic inflammation. Once you address this cause, you can then begin adding the right combination of foods, at the right time for permanent and easy fat loss. The Jon Gabriel Approach is spiritually based and works from the inside out for the best results you’ve ever experienced.


The Jon Gabriel Approach

Jon Gabriel was a man’s man at over 400 pounds, loud and boisterous on the outside, but dying a slow death of disease and loneliness on the inside. He read all the diet books on the shelf, and even had personal relationships with Dr. Atkins (of the Atkins diet) and Dr. Pritikin (from the Pritikin diet.) Even with that inside track with the “experts” he was unable to lose much weight, lost his self-confidence, dignity and had no direction in his life.


Jon felt powerless over food and his weight. Fortunately (for him and us) he didn’t give up, but dug in his heels and studied alternative approaches to permanent fat loss. What he discovered will amaze you.


It’s not the Calories but your relationship to those Calories that matters


Watch this brief explanation as Jon Gabriel explains how your body is holding on to weight on purpose.

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He learned that by applying a few spiritual techniques, our body’s reaction to stress and calories could be brought into their proper relationship. This bypasses our body’s need to store calories as fat because of being in a state of chronic stress (survival mode). We can relax into a healthy relationship between our food and our mental state. Our blood sugar will remain normal, so no feeling hungry when we’re really just trying and calm our nerves.


Once this relaxed state is reached, we can then choose the best foods at the best times to give our body what it is really craving, for energy, a healthy immune system and rejuvenating tissue repair. It’s what they call a win/win situation. Our mind body and spirit is working together as a unified whole, and even our mood will stabilize. We all know that stress causes us to react unconsciously, rather than respond consciously, and we love the choices we make when we’re doing it from a relaxed state of being.



I have personally tried this approach, and can say that I was completely blown away. It is working for me. I got his DVD’s and then the Transformation Kit and I feel so much better. It is totally in line with what I teach, which is using the spiritual approach. I no longer eat the wrong snacks before bedtime and have already lost 10 pounds in the last 2 months. For more information click on the Gabriel Transformation Approach below and get your Free Gabriel Method Transformation DVD’s!

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