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Why You Should Choose Natural Fitness

Natural Fitness Tips

beautiful blonde womanNatural Fitness is the key! Unlike traditional fitness, which is hard on your joints and connective tissue and actually damages your body, Natural Fitness balances your body to it’s peak state. The results last much longer, because you stay healthier from the inside out.


It Combines precise super fitness routines with fitness yoga postures and the five Tibetans (that work your energy pathways) that will not only having you look and perform like a sports professional but an eternally youthful looking one!  We combine Total Body Exercises combined with Core Exercises (exercises for abs and lower back) so you can get that healthy, lean and toned look quickly by doing some simple but effective Ab Workouts!

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Natural Fitness benefits:

  • Look more attractive to others (and when you look in the mirror every morning)
  • Feel totally rejuvenated with boundless energy – mentally as well as physically
  • Exude Self-Confidence and it will make connecting with others a lot easier
  • Attain inner and outer strength plus enhanced stamina – be resilient to stress
  • Be at “ease” in any situation – which prevents “dis-ease” and keeps you healthy
  • Longevity – quality as well as quantity of life (you can then help others to do the same)
  • Be at your ideal weight and body structure – and stay that way

These are just a few of the benefits of a total body, mind and spirit fitness plan, which we call Elite Fitness.  Keeping your body fit is more than just looking good and being able to scale mountains though.  It works hand in hand with keeping your mind razor sharp and your spiritual connection wide open so you can experience those moments of clarity, intuition and divine guidance.  It is hard to do that if your mind is sluggish or your body is in pain, so this is very important to your whole being, not just your body.

It is best for most people to build a solid foundation of health before moving on to more advanced training regimens.  I recommend that you start your personal fitness journey with a few simple home exercises. Remember that elite fitness is really a journey and not a destination, so learn to choose exercises and fitness routines that you really enjoy.  If you start with this in mind, you will easily be able to build the body, mind and spiritual prowess of your dreams.  It will be a healthy habit that will serve you well on whatever path you choose in this lifetime.

Exercise Tips

Consider starting your day by priming your energetic pump (doing a few simple home exercises will actually increase your energy levels for 8-12 hours afterward, as well as raise your metabolism and help lower your craving for any junk foods as well as keep off any excess fat weight. Try taking about 5-8 minutes each morning (start a few times a week and work up to an everyday routines) and strengthen your core muscles and compound muscle groups (moving more than one joint).  


Here are three things that you can do each morning or evening:

  • Leg Lifts – Lay flat on your back on the floor, outside on the ground or on a exercise mat and place your hands under your buttocks or small of your back.  Slowly lift your legs as high as you can (try to lift them to at least a 90 degree angle – straight up) and raise your head and try to tuck you chin into your chest, without force or overexertion.  It should feel tight but not uncomfortable.  Do this 7 times at first.  Then work up to 14 times and after that 21 times.
  • Push-ups – You may begin in standard push-up position with your toes and palms touching the floor or the modified position with your toes, knees and palms touching the floor.  Then slowly lower your body until you are just a few inches above the floor, pause for 1/2 a second and then slowly raise your body to starting position.  Do this up to 7 times the first time.  If you can’t do full regular push-ups then do the begin with the modified version and work your way up to the standard version.  You will be there quickly.  Work your way up to 14 repetitions and then 21.  Remember this is just a easy morning routine, so don’t over do it unless you plan to make this your full routine and are not going to be able to go to a gym or sporting activity.
  • Hip Lifts – Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you and your arms straight at your side with your palms resting on the floor supporting your upper body.  Next slowly try to lift your hips in the air straight up while keeping your arms straight and focus on bringing your rear shoulder blades and upper back muscles together.  They should feel tight.  Go as high up as you can go without strain or feeling uncomfortable.  This can be a little challenging at first so go at your own pace and try to do 7 repetitions. This will ease up after doing a few sessions of it.  After you have completed 7 to the best of your ability, do 14 and move up to 21 repetitions.

Natural Fitness Routines

You are now ready to begin your day with a boost.  Have a glass of water or citrus juice with a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt (which is actually heart beneficial and will provide you with some electrolytes and alkalinity to your body.)  I also highly recommend that you consider trying the 5 Tibetans (or Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation) which are longevity exercises that workout your energetic body as well as your physical body and work about every muscle in your body too.  This is the advantage that so few people know about that no only gives you an energetic advantage but also rejuvenates your body. It also referred to as “The Fountain of Youth” energetic workout program.

This is so important because we do have an energetic body that overlays our physical body and actually creates what solidifies the energy to matter in our bodies.  Disease begins in the energetic body first and that is why energy healer can help with chronic long term problems that conventional doctors cannot do.  This has been known for millennia but now our technology and modern science is finally catching up and verifying this with high tech equipment (Thanks in part to NASA).  I salute you on your journey to be an example to yourself and others by working on yourself first.

“Be The Change You Want To See In The World.” – Gandhi

The best way to achieve elite fitness is to focus upon the core muscles that transfer the power between the upper body and the lower body.  It will also strengthen and stabilize your lower back and hips and prevent the injuries that most people experience – even professional athletes!  


Developing tight abdominal muscles not only look good and attract the opposite sex but will help you achieve your highest potential.  It’s not as hard as you think, you only need to take the best approach. The Truth About Six Pack Abs will help you get started and get harder than a rock by this summer.  Try it now and imagine the new you that will be staring at you back from the mirror. 


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