Green Gifts for Father’s Day


Green Gifts for Father's Day

Father's day will soon be here so, let's make him really proud of us this year. How? By giving something that shows how much you care about him and our environment as well. He'll realize that he made a difference and how smart you now are. No better gift than knowing that your dad thinks you have a mind and heart of gold (green  too).  These Eco Friendly Gifts make any father proud this Father's Day.   Get your dad the best in comfort, durability (he'll remember your gift as these will last a very long time), as well as eco friendly fashion that will make him feel all warm and cozy. Bamboo Bath Robes are really great gifts for dad. Just click on the bathrobe or visit Eco Friendly Bath Robe.

Sustainable Gear for Fathers Day

Help your dad stay organized on the go. This Solar Day-pack is a very special backpack because not only is it durable but it charges all your electronics (like the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android or other cell phone.  Your dad will never not get your call with this backpack. It is as rugged and durable as he is and is a green environmentally friendly gift that keeps him connected. Click on the solar pack or visit Solar Daypack for more information on why you will want one.

Great Tech Gifts for Dad

Would you want to charge your phone while out hiking for the day on the trail or at Yosemite? Take this solar charger with you when you go to the beach on a sailing on a boat or putting away on the greens (golf course.)  Your dear dad will never miss another call because his batter died out on him. This device will save the day for him (and you) when he's not close to an electrical source. I wouldn't get stuck in the woods without one of these! Click on the solar charger below or visit Solar Chargers for more information on these highly useful devices.

These Eco-friendly father's day gifts will make you a hero many times over. Save the day for your dear ol' dad and be at peace with mother nature too. Great Karma is on it's way to you and your dad this Father's Day!


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