Attracting Love – Valentine’s Day for Women!

find and keep your loveHow to Attract The Right Man for Valentine's Day!


Valentine’s Day is my favorite time of whole year. Being a Taurus astrologically I'm highly inclined to Love, Romance and Chocolate, and more importantly, someone to share it with. If you happen to find yourself without a partner or even a good date, then it can seem like a nightmare, and that life is just not fair.
If this is you, then I know how you feel, because I have been there and done that, and I’m glad I’m on the other side now. It feels much better knowing that you are loved, and that you can find and get love in an instant if you ever needed to. I've found mine, and now I’d like to help you find yours too!



It begins with attraction and then building trust. You can always use an oxytocin spray instead of your regular perfume and start drawing men instead of pushing them away. I gag at some of the strong perfumes I smell. What oxytocin (the chemical of love) does is trigger the trust areas of the brain, allowing a persons defenses to be down and allowing easy and open communication. Building attraction follows quickly. You can also learn to read simple body language cues, or more advanced interpersonal signals by learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP for short.


A good way to continue building rapport and make sure you're sending the right signals is to use a form of communication called conversational hypnosis, which works on the emotional triggers that a person uses to decide whether they like (or trust) you or not. You want this in your favor quickly as attraction can fade as fast as it comes, if you don't quickly deepen that state in them.


Attracting The Right Man

Here's a great resource I've discovered that is made just for women who are seeking quality men, whether mature or even more youthful. Christian Carter has helped over 3 million women become more successful with men, dating and relationships through books, eBooks, seminars and videos. Christian's purpose in life is to help women attract love and enjoy the fulfillment of it in their relationships by providing the male perspective and thought process, which lets you see what is really going on inside their heads when they see you, and why they behave the way they do in relationships.


His methods are primarily for women who are single or in an early phase of their relationship, looking to attract a man and get him to commit to her. While Christian’s insight into the male mind will benefit women in more established relationships, his primary gift is teaching women on how to focus on creating that deeply connected relationship in their own lives.


Why You Should Listen to What Christian Has to Say:

  • You’ll learn how to think from a man’s perspective – what he really needs in a relationship
  • Learn how to avoid the most common most common mistakes women make that “kill it” before it even happens
  • Use Emotional Triggers and Interpersonal Psychology to get inside of his head and make the right move at the right time
  • Answers the crucial binding  “why” questions and show you the “how” to make your relationship last
  • How and Why a man is attracted to a women – key thoughts and triggers that make him shiver
  • Teaches women on how to be completely self-confident and yet not let him slip away ever again
  • Find, Flirt, Attract, Get and Keep the right man for you quickly and easily, any time you need to


It's time to stop fantasizing and begin attracting loving men to you. Read this book and you'll be feeling his breath against your face and his lips against yours. I highly recommend this phenomenally successful book so just click on the  “Catch Him and Keep Him book and get the love you so desperately deserve tonight!

Catch Him & Keep Him

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