A New Day For Humanity Is Just Around The Corner

Peace and Abundance for All Humanity, Just Around the Corner?


Welcome to Utopia

futuristic environmentWhat would life be like if we no longer needed to struggle to get the energy we need to travel, heat or cool our homes, power our technology and make our exchange of goods and services run? How about Star Trek like healing devices that bring our bodies quickly back into balance when something gets out of whack? How would you like to travel halfway across the globe in 10 minutes, in a totally affordable manner?


Well, that's what appears to be already here and being actively distributed to the whole of humanity so no one person/entity or system can stop this abundant new era from happening. I'm so jazzed about it and hope it becomes public knowledge real soon. I'm aware that they have to express this in a way that will keep the inventors/scientists free from peril and dispute. I believe that this is going right along with the expected changes from the end of the Mayan cycle on Dec. 21, 2012 and the beginning of the new one around Mar. 2013.


This is not the end of the world, but the dawning of a new, fascinating one where people will begin to see how good it can be to live side by side in peace and harmony with the whole universe. This is the awakening and we are the ones we've been waiting for. So, help spread the news as the more people that know about this, the more momentum it has and the less chance of it being stopped. Here is a video explaining what the Keshe Foundation scientists have created and how it will help each and every one of us, peace loving and abundance seeking people:

ozone therapy

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