12 New Years Resolutions


12 New Years Resolutions


12 New Years Resolutions

This is The Year of the Rooster in Chinese Astrology. Every 12 years there is a Rooster year, beginning at Chinese New Year. A year of the Rooster always comes after a Monkey year and before a Dog year.  Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029. The Rooster, the tenth Chinese zodiac sign, gives the year that just begins some of the characteristics of the bird it has as a symbol: ambition, pride, the desire to be admired, punctuality, courage, passion and a well-developed disposition for love and seduction. At the same time, during the year that has just started, an increase in enthusiasm, perseverance and auto-control will be felt. The relationships between people will be under the sign of great honesty. We will all prove to have more passion in life, especially regarding work, where we will not hesitate to roll up our sleeves in order to reach our objectives. “Always higher, always going on” is the motto of the Rooster and it will inspire all of us.


Braver than usually, we will not be defeated by difficulties and adversities. However, we will have to maintain our spirit’s flexibility, because under the influence of this king of the yard, which, according to Chinese people, is very conservative, we risk being inflexible and refuse changing ideas or life strategies, even though they might be inadequate for the future. Regarding love, times will be intense and full of passion. We will feel the desire to overwhelm our loved ones and to be overwhelmed by them. Those with a free heart will search for happiness with more partners, but those that are already in love will choose loyalty, proving great tenderness. 

The Top 12:

  1. Starting an Online BusinessThis is the year to turn your hobby, personal interests and passions into some residual income and maybe even, your new future!  
  2. Get That Body Moving – Health and Wealth are intimately related. With your health, you can much more easily make wealth, and enjoy it too. Without your health, all the wealth in the world will not serve you. Get started today and show yourself how much you love yourself by deciding to look and feel like you know you really can. Consider getting some Home Fitness Products and make it easier on yourself (no gas costs, travel time, waiting in line to be able to workout). For more in formation on the easiest complete in home workout machine, check out the Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym Review.
  3. Develop Those Abs – It's not only about vanity and looking better (although this is the main effect), it's about being in an optimum state of health. Having a large waist size leads to diabetes, heart disease and difficulty breathing. It's really not hard at all. You don't need to do endless crunches, just a couple rightly performed resistance exercises for a few minutes a day will allow your abs to be finally revealed. For more information visit Ab Workouts.
  4. Drink Alkaline Water – Ionized Alkaline water is one of the top drink choices you can make for your entire body. Not only does it prevent disease and inflammation, but it refreshes like water should. If you've ever have drank a lot of water and found yourself still thirsty, it's because it was acidic and had too big a cluster size and surface tension to be totally absorbed. Ionized water accomplishes this while making your water highly alkaline and health promoting. It also gives you a huge edge in fitness pursuits. Choose Alkaline Ionized Water as your source of the highest electrical potential and best tasting drinking water on the planet.
  5. Learn to Choose The Right Foods for You – Eating the foods that your body craves in satisfying proportions can make all the difference. Your body is asking for specific nutrients from foods, so learning which ones will do that and make your skin look more youthful and your body more energetic and powerful will be a huge benefit to you. Find our more information here: Easy Diets That Work.
  6. Learn to Grow Your Own Organic Food – Don't leave yourself at the mercy of supermarkets and transportation costs. If there is any strike, fuel or energy shortage, power outage or major political unrest – you may not be able to get food! Learn how to plant and harvest your own food. You will be able to live sustainably with the earth, save a ton of money, be much healthier (no pesticides, radiation treated foods, low energy dead foods). There are two easy ways to do this: Aquaponics which combines raising fish and plant foods in a symbiotic natural system that allows the fish to thrive and plant to grow enormously. It is a whole Aquaculture System that uses the fish's water to fertilize the plants, and plant droppings to feed the fish. All waste is taken care of in a natural way. It is a sustainable gardening method that shows you through book and hands on video tutorials How to Grow Organic! 
  7. Stop Smoking – No mystery here. Open up your social life, make your teeth whiter, smell better, lose the wrinkles, and be able to run up a flight of stairs without strain again. They now have cool and trendy dry herb vaping that will help you reduce nicotine (what keeps you addicted) and make quitting a breeze. No more embarrassing moments in public places by being asked to go outside. For more information visit Stop Smoking Help.
  8. Discover Your Spiritual Self – Let's face it, life is meaningless without a sense of purpose and direction in life. Understanding who you really are and your connection to source (God or Higher Consciousness) makes it so much easier to put one step in front of the next to begin living your desires in full living color. For more information visit Mind Body Spirit.
  9. Detox Your Life – It’s time to release those things that are not serving you, be it people, jobs, places or habits that make you feel bad.  You'll discover true freedom by removing the roadblocks in your life. Start by detoxing your body with (Zeolite) and then move on to other areas of your life that you’d like to be freer in. You deserve the best and there is no better time to look inside and get the gunk out right now. Check out The Body Code for emotional blocks and the Lemonade Diet to detox your body.
  10. Stress Relief – Learn to stop anxiety or depression before it happens. It's a lot easier to prevent anxiety or stress from affecting you in the first place, than it is after you're in the middle of a panic attack. Learn to stop anxiety attacks before they start, and your body will thank you. Depression is natural around the holidays for many people. Getting natural Depression Help and learning ways to stop your subconscious mind from running the show without your own consent can right the ship so you can more easily cruise through life and enjoy it fully. You can check out the natural way to Stop Anxiety Attacks page to find out easy ways to do just this. 
  11. Get Whiter Teeth – This is about overall health and self-confidence – Looking and Feeling on top of the world. If you are not able to smile because your teeth are as yellow as old toilet mints, then you need to do this. Teeth are connected to vertebrae in your spine and when they are healthy your back will be a lot healthier too. Many people with back pain have tooth problems. For more information visit Best Teeth Whitening Products.
  12. Get Younger (in Mind and Body) – You know your own potential. It's time for the outside to match the inside. I know I feel like I'm still the same vital and vigorous person in high school. By realizing that I can regain that healthful look and energy, I was able to regain that youthful stamina and toned body with radiant skin tone. David Wolfe has put together the top health and fitness longevity experts together in one panel and they show you exactly how You can accomplish this for yourself. Make it a present to yourself! Check out David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Program.


Join us now by choosing from the 12 New Years Resolutions and doing the ones that appeals to you personally. You have the consciousness of universal energies behind you now so Let's Do It in 2017! Here's to a new You, a new Me and a new Planet – Let's Just Do It Now!

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