Natural Beauty Face Lift – Non Surgical Firming

natural botox alternative

… It’s the  Law of Attraction in action, and the same principle of why homeopathy works so well.   Begin using Natrox for one month and be sure to take before and after pictures as you’ll be amazed at how much youth you can regenerate personally. You’ll be looking at yourself shouting “I love it, I love it, I love it,” and really mean it. Click here for more information. …

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Whiten Your Teeth – Natural Dental Health & Oral Care

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… Kalyxherbs)   This holistic oral care treatment is the future of dental health (and it just may improve your love life, and social outings) while it prevents body wide bacterial attacks and heart disease (heart disease is linked to unhealthy tooth bacteria!) I highly recommend this dental care system over any other system currently known, as it works like no other and has unmatched benefits. You will either be walking around with brittle “pee yellow” teeth, or you can proudly …

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Lao Russell’s Code of Ethics

… of the University of the Science of Man, writing further books—love and Why You Cannot Die!—lecturing across America, and corresponding with students and friends around the world. She continued the Man-Woman Equality League she had started earlier, and founded the International Age of Character Clubs. “Every person in this world has a deep purpose,” expounded Lao Russell. “Happiness consists of finding one’s own purpose and working to fulfill it.” By so doing, every person will …

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How to Attract Harmonious Relationships

goregous woman

… over your face and body.  Pay attention to your Body Language as this is what is read first when you have someone in your radar. Non-Verbal Communication will be the key to the other person’s door.  So learn it and use it wisely! “Those that go searching for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and that loveless never find love, only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it.” D.H. Lawrence You can learn to attract that person you are dreaming about …

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An Attitude of Gratitude – The Key to Abundance

… our first line of immunity against disease by watching a negative and also a positive movie. Half the students were shown the film “Triumph of the Axis in World War II.” This film was selected for its content dealing with themes of power, domination, persecution, fear and conflict.   The other half were shown a documentary on the life of Mother Theresa. This film deals with themes of unconditional love, selfless service, compassion and gratitude. Before and immediately after watching …

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11:11 11 New Year Resolutions for 11

… – This is high on most everyone’s list and for good reason. Health and Wealth are synonymous (they are similar in meaning). With more Income (energy coming in) you have more to give, as well as more freedom. Finding a purposeful career or beginning a hobby that you just love to do, can be the key to more cash flowing freely into your life. Find something you love, and blog about it, or do it and invite others to do the same. Soon you’ll have a following and a network of people seeking you …

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