Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity – Manifesting Abundance

… stops, it is useless. What I’d like to point out is that if we match our energy with that of money, career or whatever else we desire, we start the action at the micro level that will eventually snowball into full manifestation.  We also call that the “Law of Attraction.”   Wealth and Prosperity So the question that I now ask you is “What do you want to start seeing in your career or bank account in these next coming months? First, realize where you currently are, …

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How to Attract Harmonious Relationships

goregous woman

… the person with your thoughts, the best ones you can do on the emotional scale. Although, what most people mean when they say they’re not in alignment with their partner is “How can I get my partner to be the way I need them to be so I can feel better?” You need to be a vibrational match to yourself, not to your partner, that’s the Law of Attraction’s job. When you’re a match to yourself, the best of everything you want can come to you. Focus on the best of the people you meet or are …

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The Power of Intention

… Jerry Hicks phenomenal work “the Law of Attraction” books, DVDs and seminars are the foremost authority on how to create what we want by using the laws with focused intention into manifestation. They work like magic and they have them down to a science. I recommend starting with their “Teachings of Abraham” course and learn how you too can manifest your every desire easily. Life’s not supposed to be a struggle, if yo’u’re struggling your not in …

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An Attitude of Gratitude – The Key to Abundance

… outer world, and being truly grateful for the abundance that you do have will attract more abundance into your life by your attention and gratitude to it. This is one of the most important principles in the Law of Attraction and in life itself. If you have an attitude of gratitude and give blessings to the people and world around you, you can dramatically draw more good into your own life.  It is one of the best ways to “Be The Change You Seek in The World.“   A great way to …

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