Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity – Manifesting Abundance

… stops, it is useless. What I’d like to point out is that if we match our energy with that of money, career or whatever else we DESIRE, we start the action at the micro level that will eventually snowball into full manifestation.  We also call that the “Law of Attraction.”   Wealth and Prosperity So the question that I now ask you is “What do you want to start seeing in your career or bank account in these next coming months? First, realize where you currently are, …

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Natural Beauty Face Lift – Non Surgical Firming

natural botox alternative

There’s a Natural Alternative to Botox for Non-Surgical Face Lifts and Drastic Wrinkle Reduction   Natural Beauty Facelift Growing older is a fact of life in this 3 dimensional world, so is achieving ageless beauty. Let’s face it: everyone wants to look their best and have people turn their heads when they walk by. It’s a basic human emotion and DESIRE, to be wanted, to be DESIREd, to be loved. No vanity needed here. Heck, I’m a guy myself and I really care about my …

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Women’s Wellness Conference – Cellular Rejuvenation and Longevity Now

cellular rejuvanation - look younger today

Women’s Wellness Conference   After hosting 10 consecutive sold out events, David Wolfe and the Longevity Now Conference team have listened closely to the feedback from their audience and found that women in particular have a strong DESIRE for women centered discussions. In order to serve the community and dive deep into topics that are of interest to women, they are happy to announce the ?Women’s Wellness Conference.   On Friday, February 10th-Sunday, February 12th over …

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How to Attract Harmonious Relationships

goregous woman

… quickly manifested results into your physical experience. Take 15-20 minutes each day and daydream or envision yourself surrounded by the people that please you the most. Here is an equation that shows all the necessary parts of the manifestation equation: Thoughts/DESIRE + Belief/Expectation + Allowing/Gratitude = Physical Manifestation   If you are attending a negative workshop (watching the movie “Fatal Attraction” for example) you are bringing the thoughts and images into your own …

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The Power of Intention

… on variable frequencies. Our goal in manifestation of DESIREs is to focus our energy (thoughts, emotions or behaviors) like a laser, on a specific single goal at a time.   If we focus on a single thought or idea for only 17 seconds, clearly and coherently, it reaches combustion point and seeks out like thoughts in a continually evolving pattern. If you do it for 68 seconds at time, then you can supercharge its manifestation into your experience on a much quicker time-frame, as that DESIRE …

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An Attitude of Gratitude – The Key to Abundance

… less than you (which reminds you how truly rich and lucky you are), or you can feel gratitude for having people in your life that can inspire you. Either road can lead away from stress and envy, and closer to feelings of gratitude. Look for someone who you are inspired by and read their biography if they have one. If you have a DESIRE to achieve wealth; bless Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Carlos Slim! By doing it and admiring them for what it is that you want to have you include it in your …

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What is NLP?

… the opportunities (choices to be made) by attracting the fruits of the solution and not of the problem. NLP Trainer Course You can learn more about NLP in your daily life by taking a course on it. It can be the single best self-help tool you ever learn to attract the kind of relationships, career and experiences you DESIRE, as well as improve every aspect of your life. To begin consider using these four NLP presuppositions in your daily life.  Focus upon one of these each day, and see how you …

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