Full-Body Scanning – Are You Being Zapped?

airport full body scanner

… support. Making an earthed connection removes the disease and aging free radicals from your body. They have shoes for men or women, that you can use when you can’t go barefoot. You only need to stand on grass, concrete or dirt for this to work the most effectively.  Just click on the women’s or men’s shoes for more grounded varieties: Earthing Shoes for Women   Earthing Shoes for Men     The fail-safe method is to take some zeolite powder before contact and afterward. …

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The Benefits of Sun Gazing and Earthing

Sun Gazing - Animated Sun

… grounding rod, ground tester, and 2 cords) Earthing Book (The Science and Health Benefits of Earthing, and how to earth) Earthing Mat (Use on your computer or when near wifi signals) Greenwave EMF Filter (Removes EMF from your home and devices)   If you just can’t go barefoot, then do try using some ESD shoes (electrostatic discharge), or grounded earthing shoes.  What going barefoot or using these shoes can do for you is allow you to make a direct connection to earth or ground, …

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