2017 New Years Resolutions

new years resolutions

2017 New Years Resolutions for the Year of The Rooster!   12 New Years Resolutions for 2017  This is The Year of the Rooster in Chinese Astrology. Every 12 years there is a Rooster year, beginning at Chinese New Year. A year of the Rooster always comes after a Monkey year and before a Dog year.  Years of the Rooster include 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2029. The Rooster, the tenth Chinese zodiac sign, gives the year that just begins some of the characteristics …

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Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity – Manifesting Abundance

Wealth and Prosperity Creation Using Spiritual Laws of Attraction For Manifesting Abundance   Manifesting Abundance I’m sure that you’ve heard that your thoughts today create your reality tomorrow.  That is very much so when it comes to financial matters.  All things in our universe are energy.  Thoughts, emotions and our behaviors are displays of our personal energy.  Money is energy. It is even called “currency.”  The spiritual laws that govern the physical …

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Improve Your Eyesight Holistically – What is Palming?

holistic eye care palming

… holistic ocular health. You can learn these within 20 minutes and begin applying them right now while you’re seated here in your chair.    Step 1: Palming Palming is a very relaxing and healing technique that is the core of many energy healing modalities, like Quantum Touch, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch to name a few. Kirilan photography, biomagnetics and acupuncture tests have proven that there is an Abundance of healing energy in specific areas, particularly the palms, fingers and …

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Pope Benedict Resigns – St. Malachy’s Prophecy

… transformation, and the shaking off of the negative aspect of the church, rather than total destruction. I feel that it’s just the “awakening” of all humankind away from religion and into spirituality, where unity is embraced and separation is left aside.   We’re more the same than we are different, and most everyone would wholeheartedly welcome more love, Abundance in happiness in our world. Together we can all make it happen. So, here’s to a brave new world …

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A New Day For Humanity Is Just Around The Corner

Peace and Abundance for All Humanity, Just Around the Corner?   Welcome to Utopia What would life be like if we no longer needed to struggle to get the energy we need to travel, heat or cool our homes, power our technology and make our exchange of goods and services run? How about Star Trek like healing devices that bring our bodies quickly back into balance when something gets out of whack? How would you like to travel halfway across the globe in 10 minutes, in a totally affordable manner? …

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The Power of Intention

… for 17-68 seconds each, then listen to theirs and see them achieving theirs just as they see you actively in possession of what you want. I have personally seen relationship; career and Abundance come to the people who actively use this technique. You can do this with your classmates here, or with friends that are on the same vibrational level, that will not introduce doubt or negativity into your space. Keep your space clean like fire and you will have your desire. Abraham Hicks Esther and …

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An Attitude of Gratitude – The Key to Abundance

… outer world, and being truly grateful for the Abundance that you do have will attract more Abundance into your life by your attention and gratitude to it. This is one of the most important principles in the Law of Attraction and in life itself. If you have an attitude of gratitude and give blessings to the people and world around you, you can dramatically draw more good into your own life.  It is one of the best ways to “Be The Change You Seek in The World.“   A great way to …

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Are Your Current Beliefs Blocking Your Happiness?

Your beliefs directly lead to what you experience as reality, it is wise to examine what beliefs you are now holding (they change over time), where they came from (they can be deeply ingrained from your heritage), and most importantly whether they are serving your needs or you are serving theirs! I believe this is the beginning of true wisdom. If you do this one thing, you will see the positive changes in your life that you didn’t even think was possible. Your Beliefs Control Your Destiny!

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