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Radiation Protection Products


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Radiation Protection Foods

Radiation Protection from exposure (medical treatments, cell phones, wifi devices, smart meters, nuclear spills) is a major concern in our world now. Radiation damages your DNA and makes your cells not be able to repair themselves properly (malformed brain tissue, organs and body parts follow.) You absolutely need to keep this stuff from entering your body or keep it moving if you can’t avoid it.


Fortunately for us there are some natural foods that can be successfully used to rid radiation and heavy metals (radiation is actually an unstable heavy metal) from our bodies. Some common household produce like Cilantro or Coriander are good natural food sources for a first line of defense until you can get some zeolites (the #1 natural radiation removal supplement).


Use the following Radiation protective foods to keep your body protected from nuclear radiation sickness:

These foods can really help keep radiation moving out of your body. Combine them with daily exercise and particularly ones that make you sweat, and you will draw the impurities and heavy metals (like radioactive isotopes) out of your body.  Consider getting a carbon far infrared sauna, and use it daily! It will keep you healthy and young looking!


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Radiation Dosimeter

A dosimeter is a handheld device that you can use to detect the amount of radiation in your office, home, food, water and anywhere you need to test. If you live anywhere near a nuclear reactor, in a country that is next to the Pacific Ocean, then you need one for sure! In our high tech world, more radiation exposure and radiation sickness is coming from medical tests, medical treatments as well as cell phone, computer and technology devices.


radiation tester


You absolutely need to keep your body from constantly absorbing them day in and day out. It damages your DNA so your body begins reproducing the cells that make up your brain, organs and skin with damaged information. You can only do so much after you’ve been damaged internally. I like the Nuk Alert keychain radiation detector because it’s easy to take with me and use.


It’s not easy to be totally free from it, but you can protect against the most powerful and damaging types by simply testing and using some of the above radiation protection products and foods. And having your own radiation dosimeter to test what you may want to avoid, or when to take active steps against radiation poisoning.


radiation protection products


Protection Against Radiation

If you use a cell phone, wifi router or have a smart meter from SCE or your local electric company you will also want to get some simple emf protection devices. They can help the emf radiation go through you instead of into you. The ideal thing is like water, to always keep it moving, never staying as an uninvited guest wreaking havoc on your brains and internal organs. You can find out how to protect against these types of radiation exposure by reading about it here: EMF Protection.


Detox regularly, I do a zeolite detox every change of the season to make sure I am not getting poisoned internally where it is hard to measure. I also make regular use of a dry sauna or a relaxing bath with Dead Sea Mineral Salt and baking soda, to draw any radiation out of your body. You can also try using a homeopathic detox to quickly release these harmful toxins from your body. Do not let them sit in your body and damage your genes from the inside out, when it is totally preventable.


For more information on radiation protection visis Radiation Safety.

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