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make an incredible connectionHow to Attract a Harmonious Relationship


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Attracting Loving Relationships

To attract a vibrationally compatible partner or even to live more harmoniously with your current partner you need to achieve vibrational alignment with them. This means being closely matched on the emotional scale. A mostly happy person will not last very long being happy with a mostly unhappy person. Remember that you can’t change anyone other than yourself, so in a non-harmonious relationship the Law of Attraction will eventually move each person towards their own attraction level. One partner will zig while the other partner will zag, and their paths will be crossing a lot less.  Relationships, Dating and making beneficial social connections all follow this simple, yet overlooked principle.   Start with yourself! There are particular girls and guys dating approaches but these come after you have mastered your relationship with yourself.  You need to keep your own vibration up and attract the person with your thoughts, the best ones you can do on the emotional scale. Although, what most people mean when they say they’re not in alignment with their partner is “How can I get my partner to be the way I need them to be so I can feel better?” You need to be a vibrational match to yourself, not to your partner, that’s the Law of Attraction’s job. When you’re a match to yourself, the best of everything you want can come to you. Focus on the best of the people you meet or are involved with. I am no longer holding you responsible for my happiness, that’s my job.

Your Thoughts Are Magnetic

Your thoughts are magnetic and attract people who are thinking similar thoughts and also attract what is imaged in your thoughts. Although every thought has creative potential, the thoughts that don’t carry great emotion with them are not bring the content into your experience with any great sense of speed. Thoughts that carry strong emotion, whether positive or negative bring quickly manifested results into your physical experience. Take 15-20 minutes each day and daydream or envision yourself surrounded by the people that please you the most. Here is an equation that shows all the necessary parts of the manifestation equation: Thoughts/Desire + Belief/Expectation + Allowing/Gratitude = Physical Manifestation   If you are attending a negative workshop (watching the movie “Fatal Attraction” for example) you are bringing the thoughts and images into your own vibration and experience and because of the associated heavy emotion involved, the universe is adding power to your belief system as well. Fortunately, most people will say “It’s only a movie,” and not believe or expect it to happen to them. They thereby negate the second part of the manifestation equation (expectation and beliefs) as you don’t expect it to really happen to you. You can learn how to use focused thought and specific language and delivery to create conversational hypnosis and become a very powerful attractor of people you want to attract.

Synchronize to Harmonize

The best free relationship advice that I can give you is to “make yourself in sync” with what you would like to find in another person.  Be loving, interesting, attractive and you will find the same in another.  It always works.  Patience is always required.  If you are stressed or needy, that is what you will attract.  Calm, patient and under control will have Confidence written all over your face and body.  Pay attention to your Body Language as this is what is read first when you have someone in your radar. Non-Verbal Communication will be the key to the other person’s door.  So learn it and use it wisely!

“Those that go searching for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and that loveless never find love, only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it.” D.H. Lawrence

You can learn to attract that person you are dreaming about by getting into their vibration yourself and developing your own Social IQ.  There are a few really tools that can help you master the “vibes” you are sending and learn to create the emotional state in others by creating communicational chemistry.


 make up dont break up

Recommended Relationship Resources

If you’ve recently had a break up with someone you really love, then the best course of action is usually to win them back by finding the emotional strings that are being played and rebuild them harmoniously.  The Magic of Making Up shows you how you can do just that, and successfully win your ex back.     Learn more about “creating the state” by going to the Incredible Connections Page  

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